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The Best Product For Locking Hair

The Kinky-ier / nappy-ier/ curlier your hair is the faster you’ll see results with this product.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I suggest you take a seat if you aren’t, strap on your seat belt and wait for it….

This product is the best thing nature has to offer, the most effective and affordable to all classes of income. It’s easy to purchase and available in all parts of the earth known to man. I know you are thinking “it has to be WATER” but no you are wrong. It is even more accessible because you already have it, I promise not to keep you waiting for much longer…. But let me just say this when you use it, it is guaranteed to work wonders; not just for locking your hair but for attaining length too. This product is the best, when in doubt use it and you’ll never regret it. Now let me introduce you to the one and only product guaranteed to loc your hair….

Put your hands together for….. “TIME”.

J I hope you are not disappointed, but this is one truth that should be said more often in the hair community. Regardless of the method you start locs with, Time has the biggest role in helping you see results. For instance, when my locs were started in 2009, the method used was very shoddy but my hair locked eventually. Not because of the coffee and toothpaste mix (please don’t ask) or the block of mattress that was used to rub my hair/head aggressively but because Time passed and Kinky hair did what it had to. It Locked.

When you start out locs with the free form method, Time evidently plays its part. Ever wondered why the locking process is broken down into phases?… Starter/Baby locs, Budding Phase and then finally the Locked phase, it is because time has to pass. I’ll move to the interlocking method, whilst results seem immediate, look closely at those interlocked strands, you’ll see a difference between the freshly interlocked part and the part that time has done a number on.

The good thing about locking your hair is that you don’t have to sit around waiting for it to happen, all you have to do is carry on with life and it happens eventually. This brings me to one of my very good friends called Patience. Please don’t be a product junkie, there’s no need. A good shampoo, conditioner, a blend of oils and some patience whilst letting time do it's thing is all you really really need on this path .

If you have scalp issues or need for any other products then it will be wise to discuss with an experienced hair care professional, Trichologist or Dermatologist. Hope you’ve gained a thing or two from this post. Do you agree or do you have a product that tops Time? Let me know, drop a comment if you please.

Last week was ultimate week of Weddings in my life, so permit me to disturb you with a couple of selfies.
#YorubaGirl #Owanbe #PonytailInsideGele

This was a DIY, flat twist/two strand Twist Combo to Dolly's wedding.
Too busy being Best lady, Not enough selfies.

Ok, gat to go now, I remain loc’ed with a very positive attitude.

Your Loc Head
#Team Locitude.


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