Friday, 28 March 2014

My Locitude Locvolution Timeline! - The Journey (Requested)


Here's my loc journey in pictures. I wasn't proud of my hair in the beginning so there aren't many pictures of my earlier days :(. Thanks to Facebook you can see baby loc photo, I owe two thirds of the pictures to friends and family who tagged me.

Permed me about 3 yrs before going natural
1 year and a half before I went natural
- Definitely was into weaves at some point.
5months old - The only picture I could find with unformed baby locs.
The 6th month mark - I'm 2nd from the right
The awkward phase.

The 1year mark!!!! Yaaaayi 
1 year 2 months -ish - Rocking a hair band.
1year 6 months - ish - That's me on the far right 
Somewhere between the 1st and 2nd year - Pinned down on one side.
Escaped the awkward phase.
2nd year - I was still slim and sexy and an urbanknit model
2nd year - Passport photograph of Life :)

3rd year - Cousin Ronke and I, rocking the side swoop.
3rd year - Rocking my new growth and Ruby woo lip stick

3rd yr - First attempt at curls -
Took forever to dry and lasted for only half  day.

3rd year - Next day, curls fell really fast.
4th year -
Rocking a mohawk with flat twists on both sides
4th year -
Changing room selfie! A variation of
two strand twist in front and a donut at the back
4th year -
This was the picture that made me realise my hair had grown.... finally.
Had some variation of two strand twist in the front, packed the side up and let the rest fall.
The hair do is inspired by Evelyn King - (Front Pa-te-wo and back)
4th yr -
Rocking a donut and another variation of two strand twists in the front.
4years 4months - Two strand twist variation, packed sides and left the rest to fall
Here's what my looks like right about now.

"Started from the bottom now we here"

So that's the journey so far.... and in these past four years I have learnt quite a bit on locs, don't forget to check out 7 Locitude Do's and 7 Locitude Don'ts for tips on how to groom your locs healthily. 

Next post  - I'll be attempting to do my loc maintenance my self and getting the pipe cleaner curls, if I succeed you'all see a post on this.

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