Thursday, 27 March 2014

7 Locitude Do's and Why

I guess a Do post naturally follows a Don't post, hence this post. You all know that "too much of anything is bad", so please don't over dose on the "DO" information else it becomes a don't.

1. Do Use Natural products on your hair only.

A loc sister once told me, if you can't put it in your mouth, don't put it on your hair. Sounds crazy but I use this as a guide for what I put on my hair.

Most of the essential oils I have read /watched video's about are no where to be found in Lagos, so it makes this do a bit difficult to adhere to. You don't have to cut out unnatural product all at once but the more natural you go the better. You can find some of these fantastic natural products in a market or super market here in Nigeria - Ori (Shear butter), Coconut Oil, and Olive oil. I use only shear butter for my twists now, but still use the Jamaican Mango and Lime Shampoo and conditioner which is not 100% natural.

Some loc heads do not use products at all. The claim is that your scalp naturally moisturises your locs. I am not at that point yet but I have learnt to use less and less products over the years. 

2. Do Moisture regularly.

Moisturising with the right products keeps your locs with just the right amount of sheen as well as with a nice soft texture. The sun can be very harsh on kinky hair so you need to put some effort to ensure your hair doesn't burn out. It is not news that dry hair breaks, moisturise regularly.

My number one recommendation for moisturising is coconut oil, you can use it as much as daily. The oil is light and smells good. You can learn more about coconut oil here.

3. Do Sleep in a silk scarf.

Natural hair is prone to loosing moisture, rubbing it in those soft cotton and feathered pillows don't help, they suck the moisture out of your locs. So to retain some moisture you can do your hair a favour and sleep in a silk scalf. Note, a cotton scarf will absorb moisture as so stick to silk.

Sleeping in a scarf also helps to retain hair styles for much longer.

4. Do Twist / Re-twist your hair when damp.

Our kinky hair needs some water to set too. If you've ever permed your hair, the roll when wet + leave to completely dry rule also applies to natural hair. Re-twisting when wet lets your new growth stay in place after it dries. Also twisting dry hair can lead to breakage.

Freshly twisted  and styled locs.

5. Do Let your hair breathe. - Courtesy Damilola Lawal

In the early days of locs everyone experiences that phase where your hair is uncool and in that phase the easiest solution is to hide them in braids, weaves, hats just about anything. Besides the fact that your locs can fall off when you are taking out weaves or braids. It's healthier to let your hair breathe.

You just have to be creative with wearing your hair such that it is presentable and funky at that stage. Just let your hair breathe.

6. Do Wash your locs regularly. 

Your lifestyle and what you get up to should ultimately determine how often you wash your hair. For new starters I would recommend once monthly as unformed locs unravel when you wash. Once your hair is locked I'll say every two weeks should be ideal. Whatever the case maybe don't push it past one month.

Locs are utlimately formed by tangling of your individual hair strands; in that process your hair is likely to pick up all kinds of stuff. Washing regularly helps to keep your scalp clean and remove excess and stale oils that you have naturally produced. Washing also helps your hair grow better. Note that you don't have to re-twist every time your wash if your locs are already formed. I personally prefer the look of my locs with untwisted new growth.

Like I said wash regularly and according to your lifestyle. 

7. Do document your loc journey - Courtesy Bronze Goddess

I wasn't proud of my hair in the beginning, I wish I was, it would have been nice to have some more pictures to look at now and at least laugh at the awkward phase. Documenting your locs can also help to encourage you on those days when you feel, your hair hasn't grown in the past six months. At least a selfie every week will be worth the shots years down the line.

The feedback from 7 Locitude Don'ts and Why was awesome :), hope you take one or two tips from this and remember to rock those locs with an attitude.

Next Post - My Locitude Journey in Pictures.