Sunday, 31 May 2015

To Free Form, Semi Free Form or not.


My Locs would reach the 6 year mark this year and as you may imagine I'm getting a bit bored (Yes, I get bored too). This time I'm not thinking to cut them, I have considered colour but not sure I want to commit to being 100% diligent with the silk bonnet, daily moisturising and fear that my locs may thin out from the colour in another year or three. This time I'm thinking to Free Form or should I say Semi Free form or Not.

Ladene Clark
If you don't already know, Free Form is a method of getting locs by doing nothing to your hair. You stop combing it and the hair mats itself. I'm of the opinion that this is the one true state of locs and they are beautiful.

I retwisted my locs over 8 weeks ago, March 28th to be specific, in an attempt to Semi Free form; which means I stopped retwisting I just wash, condition and oil them. Then I try separating them at the roots so that I maintain existing loc strands and here's my observation so far.

8 week Semi Free Form attempt - It's not working for me.
1. My roots are thick, thicker than the Amazon rain forest.
2. My locs feel heavier.
3. My scalp sweats much faster.
4. There's no air reaching my scalp.
5. Pulling them apart is rather painful.
6. I have not been tempted to style as much as when I retwist often.
7. My locs get dry faster (can’t explain this or maybe I’ve not been moisturising as much and this Lagos sun this past few weeks na die.)
8. I kind of liked doing nothing to my locs. :D
9. Shrinkage is real, my locs seem shorter as my mini Afro at the roots is obeying the black girl natural hair law of shrinkage.
10. My scalp gets itchy.

Whilst I admire the free form so so much, it may not be for me at this time. Even the Semi Free form is not working for me. Today I am going to respect myself, wash this dada, separate the life out of it and re-twist. I’m thinking to get either the Fro Hawk or Pipe Cleaner curls, maybe the Fro Hawk since I have never done it before on myself.

I’m guessing the free form is not for me :’( after all, or maybe I’ll try again at some point in the future and look like Bob Marley :)

Bob Marley

Let me wrap up with a few points.
1. Everybody’s hair is not the same, do what works for you.

2. Locitude is a vendor at the upcoming Salon Day Out organized by Dabs of NaijaHairCanGrow and Savvy and Chic Beauty Hair Hub. So I hope to see you there.

3. Loc Appreciation Day, 2015 is around the corner and we can’t wait to host. This year is going to be bigger and definitely better, more details coming soon.

That’s it for now fellas.

Your Loc Head


Wednesday, 20 May 2015

I Found The Secret To Hair Growth - Hair Hope Growth Oil

Hello Y'all,

It's been a minute and there's plenty to talk about so I'll be starting with the subject on the foremost part of my mind; as you may tell I am very excited to share my new found Secret. Let me introduce you to the "Oil of Life", one that gives hope to hair growth; to restoration of edges; and keeps the scalp well moisturised and nourished in no time. It's none other than - HAIR HOPE GROWTH OIL by Maya Jude.

Maya Jude's Hair Hope Growth Oil, Dry, Itchy Scalp Formular.
There are three ways to go about this;
1. Skip my story telling and go right to Hair Hope Growth Oil's official Instagram page to see all the testimonials for yourself or
2. Stay through my story telling and see what I have to say about the oil or
3. Scroll to the end to see my summary.

Trust me either way, you won't regret the information you'll find.

So I have the pleasure of offering services to fellow loc heads at the Locitude Studio these past few months with one major challenge, some Locitude clients seem to have misplaced their edges. I have never had issues with growing hair at the nape of my head so it has been quite a challenge recommending a solution to this edge problem. I took to the only other adviser I know, Google/the internet. I found the Hair Hope Growth Oil on Instagram and after reading a few testimonials I decided to get this product into Nigeria to see if it can help my fellow loc heads.

It's been only 3weeks and a few days since the first batch landed and the results are amazing as a matter of fact I would say unbelievable. I am definitely in awe of how effective it is and how fast results are recorded. At first I was skeptical to recommend it to anyone and strongly advised people I sold it to that it was to be used at their own risk. Now I can hold my hand up in the air and testify. Hair Hope works! It really works!! It really does work!!!.

Maya Jude's Hair Hope Growth Oil - Regular Formular

Just two days ago I went to a meeting with my former colleague Gbemi, and she had front hair, I swear it was like magic. My mouth was agape, I couldn't stop staring, seriously, where did all that hair come from, how did it even happen? Well, it happened and Maya Jude's mixture made it happen. 

Only a few hours ago, I had the opportunity of speaking to Maya over Skype and she mentioned (I'm paraphrasing here) that just like it took 1001 tries to getting the light bulb to work she has put in some solid work  starting with 14 different oils before finding the perfect mixtures that are achieving these amazing growth results. Trust me, I wasn't cajouled to do this blog post and this is not a them say, them say report. This is what I have seen with my own eyes.

I can go on and on and forget the point, because I am so excited writing this, so I'll wrap it up in a few points that hopefully tell the story.

In summary.
1. Hair Hope Growth Oil is amazing
2. Hair Hope Growth Oil comes in two formulars - Regular and Dry Scalp formulars.
3. Hair Hope Growth Oil is produced in the United States by Maya Jude.
4. Ade of Locitude has joined many to testify that Hair Hope Growth Oil works
5. Hair Hope Growth Oils smell amazing.
6. Hair Hope Growth Oil works for all hair types for those who care about the ABC's of hair types.
7. Hair Hope Growth Oil works on loose natural, loc'd and chemically processed hair (Relaxed or Texlaxed).

Now that you know what Hair Hope Growth Oil is and what it does, you can get it in Nigeria by either of the following means.

1. Contact me on 08189001122 or by email - or 
2. Online on follow this links - Dry Itchy Scalp Formular or Regular Formular.

I should be updating this post in a few days with several salons and other contacts/locations of how you can get hair hope near you. If you are interested in becoming a retailer of Hair Hope Growth Oil in Nigeria, feel free to contact me through above details.

Ok, enough said, I leave you with a bit of locs and attitude, a picture of me from the Kinky Apothecary's Nigerian Natural Hair and Beauty Show, 2015.
Ade Balogun, at NNH&BS, 2015, bottom left Hair Inspiration, @Joymarilie, IG.

That's all folks.

Your loc head.


Sunday, 3 May 2015

Loc Appreciation Day 2015 - 27th June, 2015 - Save the date.

Loc Appreciation Day, 2015 (#LAD2015) is just around the corner. Yaaaaaaay!!!!!!, last years event was so so much fun despite the rain (Praying for clearer skies this year). This years event will be bigger, better and more spacious. Watch this space for more details.... #LAD2015 #LADLagos... Save the date - 27th June 2015.

Ooops!!!, I am assuming everyone reading knows what Loc Appreciation Day is; It is simply a day celebrated worldwide to appreciate locs (Dada), share loc journeys, find products, learn new tips and tricks on managing and maintaining locs. There would also be performances, food and drink. You don't have to be a loc head to attend. :).

To see how Lagos rocked LAD, 2014 Click here and see below footage. If you are new to what LAD is about check out the details we shared last year here and the official Loc Appreciation Day website-

Tell a loc head and be there!

Much love, xoxo.

Your Loc Head,


Product Review: Jamaican Mango and Lime Island Oil

Hello people,

Skip next paragraph if you don't have time for my guilt trip.

A come back post is always a weird thing; not knowing where to start or how to apologize for not updating my blog for so long sometimes prolongs the come back itself. So I'm back, and I hope I still know how to write :). Ok Ok, I'm so sorry for not posting for so long and I would really try to maintain a schedule for updating my blog. I promise I would try.

I have been trying out loads of new stuff lately which I would save for some future post but today I want to review one of my all time favorites, the Jamaican Mango and Lime Island Oil.

Jamaican Mango & Lime Island Oil.
Island Oil.

Function - Very Good
Smell - Awesomely Excellent
Feeling - Ok
Consistency - Excellent

Island oil is a mixture of Castor Oil, Carrot Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive oil, Tea Tree Oil, Mineral oil, colouring and Fragrance. As you can see Island oil is a lot in one mix, each of these oils have several benefits to help groom healthy hair. Island Oil is a perfect mix for hot oil treatment and can also be used to mositurise your locs and scalp after a shampoo and before re-twisting.

What I love the most is the about the Island Oil is the smell. It literally smells like heaven. I used to use only olive oil from my kitchen to re-twist my locs at some point which was ok, but immediately I switched to Island oil it put my hair status "on fleek" and compliments started rolling in - "Your hair smells so so nice". The consistency of Island oil is great as well, it is not too thick or sticky, neither is it too light or watery.

Island oil claims the following

- Lubricates scalp; which is very obvious, 
- Nourish roots; this very agreeable to considering the Natural oils in the mix.
- Strengthens locs; again I can agree to this.

All in all, I give the Island Oil a 9 on a scale on 1 - 10. The score down is because it contains mineral oil - a controversial product which is derived from petroleum. Besides that I love Island Oil and would recommend this to any loc head.

You can find the Jamaican Oil on my store or on my website.

Ok folks there you have it.

Till later.

Your Loc Head.