Sunday, 22 February 2015

How I Keep My Loc Curls in Check - The 3 step process.

Hey y'all,

Today was a good me day, got to hang out with my friends from way back. I was so so so glad I did. It was much fun and I am still rocking my locs in zigzag curls with an attitude. Just thought to drop a quick one on how I have maintained my locs for a whole week without loosing them.

Rocking my Zigzag curls, one week in. Wore them down the whole time.

Here's my simple 3 step process.

1. The Satin Bonnet
Sleep in a Satin bonnet or Scarf. The primary reason for this is to retain moisture and ensure your locs are not picking up lint from your beddings. The added advantage is that is helps to retain your curls when you are asleep as well. :)

2. The Shower Cap + Tee Shirt
Take a bath/shower in a shower cap. reinforced with a tee shirt. Yep, if you are trying to retain your curls water isn't your friend. Once water touches your loc curls they are gone. So I use a tee shirt to hold my shower cap up to ensure I don't get water on my locs especially while trying to wash the back of my neck.

Loc curls in a shower cap.

Loc curls in a shower cap + tee, you see the back is raised a bit higher than when I had only a shower cap on.

3. The Oil
 Spray in any oils of your choice to retain moisture and shine. The best moisturising agent is water, so since we are keeping water out of loc curl retention, I spritz my hair down with a bit of Jamaican Mango and Lime Sproil oil every other day. Sproil oil has menthol in it so I like the feeling on my scalp; it also keeps my locs fresh and shinny. You can always use any essential oils of your choice.

Here's a back view of my my locs.

Very simple and easy. No stress. I follow a similar routine when my locs at not in curls; the only difference is that i don't reinforce the shower cap with a tee shirt and I spritz my hair down with water + essential oils almost daily.

If you missed how I got my zigzag curls click here.

Here's to a lovely and fruitful week ahead.

Xoxo. Your Loc Head.


Wednesday, 18 February 2015

What Real Loc Heads Feel About Faux Locs.

Disclaimer: This post doesn't declare war on those who choose to wear faux locs, think of it just as a matter of beef. + Don't read if you have misplaced your sense of humor.


Seems like I'm on a roll, this is my 4th post in the month of February, I'm so so so so loving this. Look who's getting her groove back. Valentines must have been a blast for me, don't ask how X_X. 

Yes I know faux locs are so 2014 however, I'm in the mood for some controversy, since we are in the season of controversy with the Nigerian Elections coming in March (hopefully it's not postponed again). You may want to view this as an APC vs PDP post. Haha! Before I go into it, I must say that I never really gave Faux locs much thought until I had a conversation with +Omotayo Oshodi sometime last year and now I have an opinion. I"ll be speaking on behalf of a majority of real loc heads who happen to be the minority in this business.

Picture source - Real vs Faux 
The Journey 
Locs are often referred to as a journey, one which you have to consultant your mind, body, soul, employer and family members before you start it. For some it's spiritual, a show of rebellion, making a statement to damn all the consequences in life or it's a form of identity, one that you have to live through and not just get in 2 - 12 hours. Come on, it took me one year of awkwardness and 5 years to grow 9" of hair. So Yes real loc heads beef you with faux locs.

Bold.... Really?
Now don't go feeling gangster and sh*t cos you got hooked up with some Marley hair. That doesn't make you Rasta or my loc sister or brother, so don't look at me from a distance and nod in acknowledgment of our hair status. For you it's just a fad. For me it's the real deal, by the way I'm not gangster sha and never call me Rasta and Yes real loc heads still beef you with faux locs.

Hair advice..... Come on?
I just told you we are not on the same side, so don't ask me what shampoo I use or what conditioner to use or what I do when I go for a swim. Don't ask me what to do to dye your locs the perfect blonde, just buy colour 22 extensions and run along. Just don't ask me for hair advice and Yes real loc heads still beef you faux locs very much.

Of course... we know the Difference.
We know the difference, we can see through you. It is just not the same. Don't bother getting comfortable in that hair, you can try to confuse us for a minute if it's done really well but we can still see right through you. The closer it looks to locs the more beef we have for your faux locs head.

Ok ok, now that I'm done venting it's really not that serious. I have always been one to respect peoples choices, whether you choose to wear your hair loose natural, loc'd, relaxed, in a weave or gorimapa (skin cut) it's your choice and you shouldn't have to explain it to anyone.

Besides all the celebrities who have been rocking faux locs have just increased popularity for us real loc heads and also the acceptance of locs as an hairstyle. So one love y'all. I leave you with pictures of  some sisters in faux locs. 

Dabs of Savvy and Chic - source

Nikki Minaj in  Faux Blonde locs - Source

Ciara in Faux locs - Source

Rihanna in Faux locs - Source
More than anything I hope you see the humor in this more than the beef. We are NOT our hair.

Rock them locs with an attitude, doesn't matter if they are real or faux.

Your REAL loc head,


Monday, 16 February 2015

Hair How To: Ribbon (Zigzag) Curls on Locs

Hello Y'all,

Hope you had a stress-less Monday, I was in a mood for the most part of my Monday after staying awake till 3am this morning, battling with removing the pipe cleaners from my locs. I don't mean to scare you before showing you how to but just so you know; you may want to have some help around before you do a full DIY of this style. I'm not joking!

What you need.
1. Medium to Long Length of locs (Damp from after a wash or moistened with water + essential oils in a spray can)

What I did.
1. I used two pipe cleaners for two strands of locs.
2. Bent pipe cleaners into two equal halves down the middle
3. Twisted the roots of my locs.
4. Hooked the already bent pipe cleaners on the twist strands of locs.
5. Wrapped my locs around the pipe cleaners in a zigzag manner. (Note not to bend the pipe cleaners)
6. Bend left over bits of the pipe cleaners upwards when done wrapping so it stays.
7, Wait for locs to dry. (Air dry or under a dryer)
8. Take out pipe cleaners by unraveling them from the pipe cleaners. (Pulling from the top was a nightmare)
9. Style to fit.
10. Rock them locs with an attitude.

Incase all the grammar above is confusing. Just watch the video below, forgive my confused eyebrows, lisp and totally un-made face. I woke up like that. Haha!

It took about 3 hours to get the pipe cleaners all in. I was partially distracted watching How to get away with murder, Scandal and Selfie, pretty much all at the same time. X_X.

Taking out the pipe cleaners took even longer. It took me about 4 hours, but this was between laziness, tiredness and wishful thinking that maybe if I prayed hard enough they will all miraculously fall out. I had to unravel my locs one after the other taking care not to destroy the curls I was trying to achieve.

In the end, it was very well worth it. I love, love, love the finished look. What do you think?

Just realised I have no pictures of the back of my hair, I haven't seen the back myself. I have my locs all up in a satin bonnet right now ready for bed, trying to make up for lost sleep last night, so no more energy for selfie's. I'll definitely take some before the week runs out. Instagram will be the best place to find updates, so you know what to do, follow me if you aren't :)

I'll recommend the ribbon curls anytime, I feel more comfortable in them than in the sprially pipe cleaner curls.

I don try. Good night peeps.

Your Loc Head.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

My First Length Check - 100% Nigerian Hair (Locs)

Hello Fellas,

So excited to be writing a new post. Learning to make Sunday's my me days and today has really worked out well even though I've spent most of it treating my locs and my belly too X_X. It's been 5years and a couple of months since this journey started and I'm so glad I'm gone past those days where I felt like my hair wasn't growing at all. I am now at that point where I feel like it is growing sha but not growing fast enough.

Length check - 5years +
Locitude, Ade Balogun

I got the Length check tee at one of Naija Hair Can Grow’s Salon Day Out some time back. If you want to try out the Length check tee reach out to Dabs on Instagram or Facebook - @naijahaircangrow

The picture above is me today the 15th of February, 2015 and I just had a wash with Jamaican Mango and Lime TingleShampoo, Conditioned with the Protein Shampoo. My hair was still damp when I took the picture and as you can see the longest strand is just a tad bit over the 10" mark. Yaaaaaaaaayi. However for the record, I'll stick to saying my locs are about 9" long.

Whilst I’m very happy with my length, texture and body of my locs it would be interesting to see how much longer it grows in another 6 months.  I am so looking forward to the day when I’ll be rocking my drawing board flat tummy and will be spotted on the beach with locs long enough to replace my bikini… Hahaha – Dreams come true.

It is very important to note that I have taken better care of my locs this past year than I did in the first four years. Contrary to what many say and think my locs have been low maintenance and low cost, especially because I have been doing them myself.  In my experience so far, I can tell you for free that with locs it’s really not about what you put in your hair, it more about what stays out.


Alrighty, its almost mid night and I have to battle with the pipe cleaners in my locs before bed. This week or maybe two I’ll be rocking the ribbon curls with an attitude… follow me on Instagram, facebook and twitter for real time updates @locitude.


Your Loc Head,


Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Happy New Year!!!!, OMG It's February.

Happy Belated New Year Everyone,

I know I'm the last person saying Happy New Year considering we are already in the month of February, but just like the image below says, I feared that my wishes on New Year might get lost amidst all others so wishing you a little late; but better late than never, right?

I trust you've all been on to a fantastic start in 2015 and if you are in Nigeria I'm sure you've also been caught in the middle election debates. Well I have been up to a crazy 7 day routine and trying to see how to find the perfect balance between Work, Blogging, Locitude, The Locitude Studio, Relationships, my dreams and Life in general.

In finding balance, I realise that one has to look back to see where we are coming from to see how far we have come and  where we are going. So this is to say a Big THANK YOU to everyone who in one way or another has contributed to "Locitude". My list is endless, but I would go ahead to mention a few people starting with my boyfriend Akan Umoden for not letting me cut my hair, Dabs of NaijaHairCanGrow and Savvy Chic, Deola Ibikunle, Atilola of African Naturalistas, Bassey Ikpi, Helen Orimolade, Alma Chukwu, John Iseghohi of Rulz, Kazeem Onafuwa, Damilola Lawal, Niyya Tenee of Locs Revolution, Qochemist, Babajide Aroyewun, Deyemi Akande of Black and Loud, Segun Adewusi, Inyang Otu, Oghogho Kamah, Segun Focus of Hair Villagers, Seyi Allen, Omotayo Oshodi, Ani Simon-Hart; everyone who has let me share their loc journey at the Locitude Studio, everyone who made Locitude a name to remember in 2014 and my mom who is now a loc head (who would have thought). Please if I left your name out know that I love you and I'm grateful still. :).

There are dreams for 2015 and I'm battling whether or not to list them out here or list them out independently so none of them loose attention they deserve. I'll just go ahead and list stuff that's in the pipeline.

1. Loc Appreciation Day (LAD), 2015.
LAD2015 is around the corner, 27th June 2015. #LAD would be 5 years old worldwide this year. #LAD2014 was amazing, so stay tunned for details leading up to #LAD2015 and save the date.

2. Locitude on Konga.
Locitude has an operational online Konga store, where you can find our favourite products and get them delivered to you nationwide in Nigeria... Start shopping now on More products are coming early March 2015. Now there's a one-stop Dada store for all your Dada needs.

3. Locitude Studio
If you are wondering Whaaaaaaa!!!!! I'm  saying whoop! whoop! Yes we now take scheduled hair appointments on the weekends only. The Locitude Studio is a pop up loc saloon, located at 89, Lafiaji Street Dolphin Estate where a growing team and I treat fellow loc heads to a treat, Our services include Starter Locs, Loc Maintenance, Loc Colour and Hot Oil Treatments. You can book online right now, click here.

4. Locitude 1year Blogiversary 
Yep, the Locitude Blog will be one next month........ Yaaaaaaaayiiiiii, there will be freebies to be won on the blog so stay tuned. 

Before I sign off, here's a selfie of the hair do I was rocking with an attitude a week ago when I featured in #LumoTweetChat by @Lumonaturals. 

Ade Balogun in Twisted Knots saying Happy New Yeat
Alrighty, that's all for now fellas, I have to blog more the year, thanks for your patience in those weeks where I was completely silent.

Much Love Y'all.

Your Loc Head,