Friday, 29 August 2014

Loc Bands and Pins Must Have & a Little More.

Good morning,

12:03am Friday 29th August qualifies for TGIF, whilst I can't sleep 'cos my mind is battling organisation of my life, upcoming photoshoot for the Locitude, October edition magazine, Loc workshop & Stylist competition, work and so on and so forth; what else can I do but thank God it's Friday!!! and keep up to some of my outstanding promises like posting this long procrastinated post :). Without too much more stories I'll get right into it.

Went shopping at palms a few weeks back so I decided to check out the hair accessory section at Max, besides the fact there's always something new and flashy, I needed to show my locs some love.
Small Hair Bands - N500.
Good thing about this is that about 20 of them came in a set, if you are thinking why so many? Well
these bands are bound to wear and tear. They rip after they've been stressed out of their limit so you want to have enough around you, especially when styling. But remember never to use too tightly.
Alice Band - N500
Locs tend to be be full with length even after you may experience some thinning in the cause of achieving length.
This band comes in handy, making it easier to get your locs into a ponytail without praying for your last small hair band not to rip. you can also use it as an "Alice band to hold your locs in place. I selected for this brown variation to add some attitude to my locs ;) 

Alice Bands - N500.
Same as above but a black - shining - silver variation.
Check out how I used the shining silver in the aftermath of the bridesmaid updo (last picture in the post)

French Pins - N500
Ok so I bought this hoping to add to my endless supply of missing pins and get some extra grip to my loc styles; but just as they look, you don't get that much of a firm grip. The pins are just useful for holding stray locs in place.
Hair Pins - N400
I haven't used them yet, I actually bought them for the colour, but I'm sure they wouldn't just add attitude to style but of course some grip
And keeping up to another promise, here's a few of pictures from my birthday dinner last week. It was kinda meant to be a surprise party but I kinda was one of the first people get there. Nigerian time wasn't on my side that day :), all the same it was fun, Chef June was hilarious and short. Ronke Coker wrapped it up with a very innocent banana joke, lol!!! Don't ask.

And there was Cake.
And there was cooking with Chef June

And there was catching the egg with my mouth,
of course it fell right to the floor.
(From left: Addy, Big Nanf, Akan and I)

And there was all of us... Only God knows that we were saying, definitely wasn't cheese.
(Standing from Left, Big Nanf, Seno, Akan, Me, Ronke Coker, Onyeka
Sitting from left, Muby and Solly P)
Writing this made me relive the moment. Thanks so so so so so so so much for making my day everyone, this includes my family especially the Admin dept. XOXO.

Thank God it's Friday!!!

Your Loc Head.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

7 Locitude #LocInspiration Hair Styles for Short Locs.

Hello Loc Heads,

This one is obviously for fellow loc heads in the awkward phase of their locs. The awkward phase is usually sometime around Day 1 - Year 2; when your head is full of scalp after a fresh re-twist and your locs seem too scanty, when your hair unravels after a fresh re-twist before you say can say Jack Robinson; when you think water is your worst enemy because it's preventing your locs from forming; when you are having a bad hair day and you feel like - Oh God if only I could get my hair into a ponytail it would do. I can go on and on... but instead I present you with 7 Style Ideas for short locs.

#LocInspiration no. 1: Loc loops or Loc petals.
Reminds me of a cropped hair cut, this style looks classy and elegant. Can be worn to
an event. It's also neat and can help with a more serious/subtle look.
#LocInspiration no. 2: Pinned Up side.
Even though it is just pinning up one side of your locs, it always make a difference.
A touch Style. You can use hair pins or make one or more flat twist on the side of your locs
to achieve this look.
#LocInspiration no. 3: Accessorize
Accessories alone add style to baby locs, a hair band with a big bow on the side
can help distract eyes from your locs when you are in-between re-twists.
#LocInspiration no. 4: Curly locs,
Yes you can get pipe cleaners in your baby/short locs too.
The good news is that your hair dries faster and the look is equally fabulous.

##LocInspiration no. 5: Credit: Tanita Fadyeyola
 Bantu Knots.
Beauty of the hairstyle is that it is a twofer. Once you let the knots down you get
nice wavy curls.
Flat Twist into a Patewo Updo
Always works.

#LocInspiration no. 7: Curly up do

Just had to add this one of me.
Sometimes you just have to let those locs down and rock them with a big old smile and some attitude :)
One year old baby locs - Picture by Dolapo James of
I was motivated by a couple of Locitude readers/followers to do this one. If you try any of these styles don't forget to rock those locs with an attitude, take a selfie and tag us on facebook, instagram or twitter - We are @Locitude.

+ It was my birthday last Tuesday :), didn't have time to do anything special to my locs :(. It was a fantastic day all together. launched, work wasn't too hectic on that day, tons of birthday wishes, prayers, and a surprise - ish dinner parry. I'll be sure to say some more and share a couple of pictures in that much procrastinated post on the new accessories I got a while back.

Happy weekend everyone.

Your loc head,

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Hello Everyone,

Pleased to inform you of the launch of today the 19th of August, 2014. *Now dancing a combination of Shoki and Azonto*... :)

In addition to the blog I thought it wise to get a website to enable easier navigation of content and communication between us Loc Heads. Before I begin to tell the story of how the website came to be, I must say a big thank you to everyone who is reading, has read, commented, encouraged, discouraged, liked and communicated with the Locitude on any platform. You all are my inspiration. :)

At you would be able to go straight into the look book for style ideas which we'll try to update at least once a month. You'll also have access to our products, right now there's the coconut oil (cooked by Aunt Angela) which is selling out like water and the pipe cleaners for those of us that like to keep it curly every now and then. In the month of September we would be stocking up with a variety of loc products so stay tuned. also helps you keep abreast of all our events both past and future, easy access to the Locitude magazine and of course a link back here - the blog where it all started.

Special thanks to John Iseghohi for adding the "The" to The Locitude and my Akan Umoden for approving (I bounce everything I do off him). I was quite torn when I found out that was taken and was battling with,,,, and the likes. I think the sounds perfect.

Thanks again, please check out and show us some love on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

More on the Workshop & Competition coming soon and the Vintage inspired edition October 2014, can't wait.

Xoxo, Your Loc Head,

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Loc Workshop and Stylist Competition. 17.10.2014. Save the Date.

Na wa o! Where is August running to? I remember telling myself sometime in July that I wasn't going to actively start working on my October projects till August and all of a sudden it's already the middle of August. Dai iz God o!!!

On a more serious note, I'm thrilled to announce that Locitude would be hosting Nigeria's first ever Loc Workshop and Stylist Competition come 17th of October, 2014. Yaaaaaaaaaayi. I must have mentioned in a previous post that the idea for this event was born whilst distributing copies of the maiden edition of the Locitude Magazine in Lagos; then I came across a group of stylists that were amused about the pipe cleaner curls I was wearing at the time. Fortunately I still had the pipe cleaners in, so I had to give them a crash course on how to. Thanks to them, the Locitude will be sharing the little knowledge acquired from having locs for almost 5 years + endless hours of after work scouring the internet for information.

So this event is for everyone who wants to learn or who wants their stylist learn, it's also for all of us loc lovers to share and collectively understand what's best for our precious crowns.

Save the Date.... More information, vendors, partners, giveaways, prices and even much more coming soon.

More stuff to watch out for. 
1. - coming very very soon.
2. October, 2014  edition of the Locitude Mini Magazine.

Bye for now.

Your Loc Head,

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Hair How To: Bridesmaid Updo

Hey peeps,

So excited... I'm back with another Loc how to. So it was my friend's wedding yesterday and I'm was honoured to be her maid of honour. It had been a while since I've been on a bridal train and I honestly forgot how much work it is; however I had fun doing all of it and was so so so so so so happy for the new Mrs. I know you are here for a loc how to; let me not bore you with 7 things you need to know before being a "Chief Bridesmaid".

After accepting Gloria's request, I started thinking of what to do with my locs I settled for the Chescalocs bridal hairdo, but my boyfriend suggested I try out the her two strand twist bun instead. See Chesca's how to video below)

My locs aren't half as long as Chesca's, so I had to improvise. After getting my locs into two strand twist all round as per video above, I realised there was no way I could form that gorgeous bun with my length so I resorted to doing a basket weave behind with my twist and molded it into a pinless up do.

And here's how it turned out... Had to take all the pictures myself, so get ready for my selfie parade.

Reflected Selfie :)
Really liked this view of the loc updo.
Another Reflected selfie.

Basket weave (didi) /top rear view.

That's what the sides were looking like.
Pleasantly fascinated by the fascinator 
As if  my day wasn't  hectic enough, I decided to go to Salsa,
so I switched out the fascinator for
this shiny band I got from max a while back.

Before I forget here's a video from Jungle Barbie on how I got the concept for the pinless up do, although she twisted up the back of her locs as opposed to the basket weave I had on.

Note, it is extremely difficult taking selfies with any type of camera that doesn't have a screen facing you and yes I took a lot of pictures without me in them before I could get these ones. #phew. All pictures were taken after I got back from the wedding, my make up was intact I guess that was what gingered me to go Salsa.

I forget the name of the make up artist now, but will update with her details and a link to her blog once I get them.

Next post would be on the new accessories I got from Max and the thermal cap that finally arrived. Did it meet my expectations? You'd have to stay tuned. + October 17, 2014 is a date you need to save, more details coming soon.

Have a wonderful week ahead and keep it loc'd with an attitude.

Your Loc Head.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Hair How To: The Duo Buns with inverted top bun

Happy Sunday beautiful people,

Excited to show you another loc-do how to. As usual, I posted the picture below on the Locitude Instagram page and I got a few comments suggesting I replicate it. I thought to myself challenge accepted!

The loc-do looks like two donut buns, which is supposedly simple but note that the top bun is inverted. So let's take care of the easy part first. I've always known how to do a donut, but just incase you don't know how, I found a video (below) that shows you how to get the perfect donut bun.

Now that we are done with the basics of how to get a donut bun let's do a step by step on how to get the full loc hairstyle:

1. Part your locs in two sections to form the two buns, sections should be similar to the picture above;
2. Do a donut bun on the rear section.
3. Set aside some locs on the perimeter of locs for the top bun.
4. Leaving the locs that have been set aside do another donut bun on the top of your head.
5. Tuck in locs that were set aside in the middle of the top bun to get the inverted bun. 
6. Voila!!! You are done.

Here are some pictures of my finished look.

Locitude version Duo Donut Loc Bun.

Near perfect rear bun.

Washed my locs last Thursday and didn't retwist.
Had to retwist locs on the perimeter of my head to make the hairdo pop.
I'm sure you can spot the untwisted locs somewhere in there.
The inverted bun ain't perfect,
but I'm sure to do justice on my second attempt on this do.
So what's my score?
Went outing last night; The Music Lounge, Rhapsody
and then some very early morning (3am) much needed grub.
Don't judge me, I'm really trying to watch my weight. 
So I hope you found this helpful. I see August being a very busy month for the Locitude., our official website where you'll have easy access to our look book, events, magazine, products and of the blog will be launching soon. I'm uber excited!!! :)

Do have a lovely rest of the weekend and please feel free to share your version of the duo bun if you try it out.

Till later, I'll be rocking my locks with an attitude.

Your Loc Head

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Locs, Dreads, Dreadlocks, Dada... What to call my hair?

Hey peeps,

Let me start by saying forgive me. This post may touch on some personal sentiments as it relates to loc'd hair however, my intention is not to aggravate anyone, just airing my views.

What to call African textured hair is always a topic of discussion, kinky, nappy, curly and what not. I honestly I'm not sure which is acceptable or politically correct and I really don't care to know. On the other hand when you take this kinky, nappy, curly hair and "loc" it, what do we now call it? My hair is in the loc'd state, I called it Dreadlocks for the first four years plus of it's being and found nothing wrong with it. Till I watched the 10 Loc Commandants by Bronze Goddess on YouTube then I realised the the word "Dreadlocks" was coined because the hairstyle was supposedly thought to be dreadful way back in the day.

I immediately stopped calling my hair dreadlocks and started calling them locs, 'cos like Bronze Goddess said in her video there was nothing dreadful about my hair. Just as we were preparing for Loc Appreciation Day Lagos, 2014 and the making of the "Wetin be locs sef?" video I embarked on my own research to know if the allegation about locs being dreadful is true. I found this video that pretty much sums it up.

So yes, locs were dreadful, not just because of the way they look but for what they stood for. In Jamaican history locs were more of a political statement that meant anti-conformity and the conformists were more dreadful of the rebels than their hair but I think history got a better part of attaching the dread to the loc.

However, Locs in the Nigerian contest is usually associated with one of three things, a mad person who just doesn't know to comb their hair; a child born with locs who his/her parents attach spiritual sentiments to not cutting them off and three, people in the entertainment industry who wear locs to express a creative identity. Whichever category loc wearers fall into (though I fall into none of the above), Nigerians call the hairstyle "Dada"; whilst there's nothing derogatory about the word per se there is a stigma that Dada is often perceived and correlated with dirt and unseriousness.

That's a sum of the history according to me and now that I know what appears to be all sides of the story I prefer to call my hair locs. It would be nice to educate as many people as possible on the history of locs and what the 21st century loc head would prefer to call their hair, however I am not offended when people refer to my hair as dreadlocks. I honestly am not, because I know they don't know better. The truth is that whilst communicating, many people don't understand what I mean by "locs", so  I usually revert to "Dada".

The above video is the Locitude definition of what locs are, thankfully put together by

What do you call your hair?

Your Loc Head,

+ I got some new basic loc accessories to spice up my locs with an attitude. I'll definitely be sharing soon. Happy August.