Friday, 30 May 2014

Starting Locs With A Comb Twist.

Hey people,

Just wanted to do a Loc related post since my last couple of posts have been about ranting on Hair Religion and then of course L.A.D. So much as been going on, especially with Loc Appreciation Day (L.A.D) being just around the corner, if you know nothing about L.A.D find out more here. 

So my Aunt, called me up and asked that she wanted to start her locs, she's nearing seventy. I offered to help then took to youtube and learnt to do the comb twist. :). Following steps in video's I used raw shea butter (Ori)  instead of wax and then used my mositure and seal mixture to dampen the hair before the comb twist. Her hair was also left to air dry.

First few strands, seem to be working :)
Interestingly, I started my own locs with a different method, the single strand twist at a salon which I believe unravels faster and isn't as neat as the comb twist. I also think that the comb twists helps the strands set and stay more defined way.

 I'll say it took about an hour and a half to twist up her hair from back to back. I was slow with the first few strands as this is my first attempt at the comb twist. By the time I gained some speed my Aunt needed to stretch her legs. In the end, I had a happy customer.

All done, Yaaaayi

She's got a defined part (can you see it).
This will come in handy for styling in the future.
Here's the video that taught me how to achieve the above, who knows one day I may start a salon. I'm really excited for my Aunt and happy to be part of her journey and look forward to seeing her hair loc'd.

By the way remember that dye work I've been talking about, I'm yet to get it, soon though, soon. Been working on an article for my 7 series; 7 Reasons to dye your locs. Still need two more reasons to complete the list. Chai, it's hard o!, but I'm sure I'll figure something out real soon.

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One more thing. L.A.DLagos is on the 28th of June 2014 at A White Space, 58 Raymond Njoku Street, Ikoyi, Lagos, 4:30pm - 8:00pm.

Friday, 23 May 2014

What's With The Hair Religion?

Hey Peeps,

Let me warn you, there may be a few rants in here, hopefully, I'll control my temper/ amusement/ disgust. I'm fairly new to this social media /blog atmosphere on giving a damn about hair, so before I get infected with the "Hair Religion" syndrome I have to put it all out there. It's been less than two months since I started blogging about my hair and my curious quest to find what else is out there has led me to see groups of people who display occultic behaviour, all in the name of hair. S**t be crazy!!!

Firstly, hair apparently has different categories of curls similar to bra sizes except that they have single digits. Your hair curl type determines the type of products you use or more like the cult you join.

Interestingly, this wahala* can be associated with the new fad of going natural (With all due respect to Nigerian ladies who have been natural since forever without making a fuss about it). All of a sudden loose natural hair has become the new cool and every other girl is on a journey of becoming a regime/product junkie.

My beef lies with all those who have streamlined being natural to wearing hair in loose natural form and making it seem like they fought for independence from the west, "kilode, no be only una get natural hair o"**.

Here's my opinion on what natural hair is:

1. Hair that grows from one's head.
2. That's all

Yep, all I'm saying is that whether your hair is loose natural, permed, loc'ed, type 4C or 2A as long as it is from your head it is as natural as the sun.
Relaxed sister, Dabs. Source

Loose Natural Hair Sister. Source
Loc'ed sister Ade of Locitude.

Let's stop forming holier than thou. A ton of so called natural hair babes wear extensions in form of weaves and braids, so this doesn't make you better or more natural than a lady who has chosen relaxers.

To be fair no hair type is easy to maintain or keep healthy. The permed haired girl would  have to face the sting of relaxers and or texlaxers, the trouble of dealing with two different textures before a retouch. The loose natural faces a potential bad hair day every other day and the loc'ed sister faces about a year of the awkward phase and the risk of being unemployable in some companies.

In all of this I haven't mentioned my own hair type too much, we Dada's (loc heads) are mostly non existent to the majority of Nigerians especially when we don't look mad. Most people can't believe my journey of four and a half years is my hair, instead of crucifying them and locking them out of Loc Kingdom, I proudly offer a "touch my hair" inspection to proof the naturalism of my hair.

Shout out to Dabs of Dabs has been blogging hair care for over 4 years, she's permed and no less natural than any of us with unprocessed hair. As a matter of fact the best hair advice (moisturise and seal) I have gotten since I started scouring the internet was from her blog.

So, all ye loose naturals who are freaking out on your forums, GET A GRIP. Hair is a choice, stop discriminating, it's as good as being racist. Embrace all hair types and lets all root for promoting healthier hair.

In the end, hair matters but "WE ARE NOT OUR HAIR".

My thoughts...


* Wahala - Nigerian pidgin english for the word Trouble.
** kilode, no be only una get natural hair o - You are not the only ones with natural hair.

Remember Locitude is 100% opinionated. If you have your opinion you can drop your comment below and or start a blog Google is still free.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Loc Tools, Accessory, and Moisture and Seal Treatment.

Hey everyone,

Oh yes, I did receive my Amazon order that I was ranting about last week but I wasn't so happy because the item I was looking forward to the most didn't come yet. I feel like I got desserts without a main dish, :(.

Anyway, the other items are my little soldiers which I had to round up, so I'm prepared to re-create any styles I find on the internet. If you ever wanted to do a DIY on your locs below are essential Hair tools you should have in your Loc Tool Kit.

1. Bobby Pins.
Bobby Pins (Hair Pins) are a life saver, they are very useful for styling and holding your locs in place; also very easy to use and can be discreet. They are my number one essentials and are useful for all lengths of Locs.
Set of 250 Bobby Pins.
 2. Butterfly Clamps
I find this useful for sectioning Locs especially while re-twisting or styling as it helps you get some of your hair out of the way whilst focusing on another part.

Set of 12 Butterfly Clamps
 3. Stretchy Ponytail Band
Also another hair essential especially when your locs have some length; be it for holding up your hair while doing some house chores on a Saturday or for holding up a bun or ponytail. Remember not to use too tightly.

Set of 20 Stretchy Ponytail Bands
4. Tiny Rubber Bands
I have been unable to style my hair in a twist out because I didn't have this tiny bands, they are also very discreet and can be left in, when wearing styles like the loc petals/loops, braids or twists. Remember again, never use tightly.

Set of 100 Rubber Bands
 5. Setting Clips.
With this one I feel like I'm going pro ;). I bought this so I can do a DIY re-twist, salon style.

Pack of 100 styling clips.
 6. Spiral Pearl Accessory
To be completely honest this accessory looked cute, that's why I bought it. Not sure how I'm going to use it without looking like a bridesmaid.
Spiral Pearl Accessory
 Mission moisturise and seal.
The other items in my order that haven't come yet are a thermal cap which I was going to use for a couple of deep conditioning treatments before I dye my hair and a spray can. I had to improvise, in order to start treating my hair for some moisture. After reading a handful of material on locs, natural hair and this article on naija-hair-can-grow, I have decided that moisturise and seal is the way to go.

Here's a summary of my deductions:

1. Not to leave your locs thirsty - Water is your friend.
2. Oil is not a moisturiser - It is more of a sealant.

So I converted an old body spray can into my mixing bottle and mixed my self a little concoction, and got myself going on a little science experiment.

Caption From Right to Left.
1. Avocado Oil, purchased here in Nigeria at Savvy & Chic Hair and Beauty Hub.
2. Extra Virgin Olive oil - Purchased at a local pharmacy.
3. Coconut Oil - Cooked by my Aunt, Angela
4. The concoction - mostly water and a few drops of all the oils above.

Before taking the above picture, I had done some rigorous shaking of the concoction bottle and as you can see the water settles at the bottom whilst the oils seal the top of the container. I have been using this concoction daily for a week and my hair feels great, nourished and not-thirsty. Note that all the oils are very light and water makes up about 98% of the mixture, so even when I put my hands in locs they don't feel greasy. I'll definitely be continuing mission moisturise and seal even after my soon to come dye work.

For the moisturise and seal treatment. Water = Moisturiser and Oil = Sealant. I believe both ingredients behave the same way whilst in the bottle and in your locs. Water soaks into the bottom of your locs moisturising them whilst the oil seals the top and stops the moisture from evaporating, leaving your hair succulent and nourished.

If you ever want to try this, you can choose whichever essential oils you want, shake your mix rigorously before spraying, make sure your spray can gives a mist type spray. You can spray in morning and night before going to bed or before styling.

So there, it is for today. Before I end this note here's what my locs are looking like at the moment. Rocking it with an attitude! :)

:) The Janelle Monae/Rosie the Riveter inspired Pompadour
I recreated this look with the help of youtuber - Patience Edet. Watch her tutorial below (Note there's a make up tutorial in the most part of the how to video, Pompadour tutorial starts at 9:53)

#Phew, some long post.

Your Loc Head,

Please note that this 100% opinionated and about my hair, choose whatever works best for you. You are free to agree, disagree or share your own thoughts and hair regimes.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Loc Appreciation Day, Lagos 2014 - More Details

Hello there,

I'm really excited, so so excited that I hope to give away all the information in my head without getting distracted. I'm going to try to calm down, sit with my back against the chair and share what Loc Appreciation Day is all about.

Loc Appreciation Day (L.A.D) is an initiative of youtuber Qochemist conceived in 2011; it's is simply a day set aside to appreciate locs. L.A.D is celebrated every 4th Saturday in June. It serves as an opportunity for Loc Heads to share in on there hair journeys, maintenance tips, find the right products for locs and most of all celebrate our crowns.

L.A.D 2014 will be the fourth year anniversary of this very interesting and easy to catch-onto initiative and I'm very happy to be hosting a meet up in Lagos, Nigeria. Loc Heads in London, Boston, New York, Altanta and Conneticut will be meeting up too. It's worldwide baby!!!!

What to expect from L.A.D Lagos.

- A short video - "What are Locs?"
- Panel discussion featuring Locitude, Celebrity loctician/hair dresser Jatto, and a loc sister with waist long locs.
- Vendors with loc products you would never have been able to find in Lagos.
- Maintenance tips
- Styling tips
- DIY tutorials
- Product tips
- Giveaways
- more, more and more.

The event promises to be packed with information and loc excitement like never before.

I'm guilty of starting a loc conversation with every Loc Head I come across, L.A.D 2014 is the place to have the conversation we've all been longing for.

One last thing, for all the creatives out there you can participate in the L.A.D 2014 Logo Contest. Submissions have to be made before the 19th of May, 2014. Watch embedded video below for details.

Save the Date and Be there!!!

Official Sponsor - Savvy & Chic Hair/Beauty Hub, see what they have to say about L.A.D. Lagos 2014 here.

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 Loc Appreciation Day Atlanta, 2014

Loc Appreciation Day, London 2014

Loc Appreciation Day, Connecticut
Loc Apprection Day, New York City, 2014
Loc Appreciation Day, Boston, 2014

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

7 To Knows, Before You Loc Your Hair!

Hey there,

While waiting for my amazing Amazon order, I have decided to do one of my 7's for the newbie's and those interested in loc'ing their hair but really have no clue on what to expect. I do get a lot of compliments now that I have paid attention to styling my hair more often, however most of the compliments end with "I can never Loc my hair", "I can never carry the same hair do forever" , the "I can never" excuses are endless.

If you really like to loc your hair or just started, below are few tips on what to expect/ come to terms with. Some of the stuff below I figured out before my loc journey but some others I wish someone told me. So, lets get right into it.

1. The Big Chop.
To get locs right you have to cut off all chemically processed (permed) hair, this is advisable as it is the first step to healthy locs, however it is the most difficult stage as it can be awkward, un-attractive and demanding to manage however in today's world of youtube and instagram you'll be surprised that there's all sorts you can do with a Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA)/ Baby locs.

This mustn't go without saying that you may not have to chop your hair off at all if it is natural.

2. Your hair won't loc immediately- courtesy Damilola Lawal
You know when you want to relax your hair and it is relaxed an hour after; or when you want to braid your hair and it is braided 3- 6 hours after. It is so not the same with locs. Locs don't happen at once. It is a gradual process that takes as much as 6 months - a year to fully form. My consolation to you on this slow process is that every stage of your locs is a style in itself just like the evolution process. Explore it and enjoy it.

3. Shrinkage.
Inspiration to loc your hair often comes from persons who already have long locs, unfortunately you don't start to see length until after your locs form fully. The first six months to one year will be about a lot of shrinkage as the hair strands are in the process of uniting for lack of a better word. This is entirely normal and like all things in life this stage too shall pass. Patience is key and "there is God o"

4. Locs are not Maintenance Free
I was very shocked when I ended up under a hooded dryer after my very first loc twist. The notion that once you loc your hair it is maintenance free is FALSE. To have beautiful locs you need to dedicate some time and love to those strands, else they will fall faster then they grow. The truth however is that locs can be cheaper to maintain than the regular weaves, braids and relaxer regimes that most Nigerian girls do. Read Locitude Do's and Don'ts for some maintenance tips.

5. Bad Belle Group.
I wish I could name names, but there's no need, their sins have been forgiven. There will be those who will look at your head in utter disgust and tell you how ugly you are and how you are a spitting image of Taribo West or a first cousin to Taiye Taiwo. Truth is there will be bad hair days, days where your hair will have no direction and the Bad Belle Association will be there to mock you. The only way to overcome is by the next point.

6. It's Your Decision.
My mom's first reaction when I told her I wanted locs was "why would you want a hairdo that mad people wear?". This came with the illusion that locs are dreadful; guess what mine isn't. I knew exactly what I was aiming for even if no one else could see it at the start. Whatever your reason is for deciding to become a loc head, be it for fashion, spirituality, being tired of relaxers or trying to get a comb through your nappy hair it doesn't matter as long as it is your decision, then it is your journey, your cross, your burden and don't forget it's your beautiful crown. By the way my mom is now happy to convince people that my hair is mine and not extensions.

7.  Another Big Chop.
This is the part that comes after you must have loc'ed your hair, grown some length , become bored and happy to transition into the free form natural hair, permed hair and what not. The chances are that you'll have to cut your hair again. I've read cases of un-combing locs, but I can imagine how much hair you will loose trying to detangle hair that you've literally tried to tangle. My advice is, before you lock your hair be prepared to cut it all off if you decide to take another hair path.

Once you can make peace with this 7, I think you are ready to start your Loc Journey.

If you got to this point of this article, welldone, thank you and hope you gained a thing or two and or enjoyed it. Till the Amazing Amazon order comes on Thursday, I will be keeping it loc'ed with an Attitude.

Your Loc Head.
Ade ;)

- Taribo West and Taiye Taiwo are Nigerian footballers who have worn a variation of locs.
- Patience Jonathan - First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria who recently gave an unnecessary but very dramatic display of emotions to one of Nigeria's crisis.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Multi-Purpose Hair Band - Loc Accessory.

Found this awkward hair accessory/band/scarf at Max - Palms Shopping Mall, Lagos the other day and bought two at N500 each. A black one and blue leopard printed one. So far I'll call them my best max buys of 2014 yet.

I use them in three different ways.

1. Lint Protector/ Night scarf.

2. Hair Band

3. Ponytail/Bun holder.

The instructions on the packaging give more ideas on how to use.

It's made from 100% Polyester, nice and stretchy. So far so good, it's an amazing buy for N500 only. I love!

Planing to dye my locs soon, but first I would embarking on some deep conditioning regimes to ensure my locs are properly moisturised. It's not news that Dye drys hair and may cause breakage, hence my attempt on preventive maintenance as opposed to corrective.

I bought some hair accessories and tools for to aid my "moisture treatment" plan. Will be sure to put them up once they arrive.

Till later. Keep it loc'ed with an attitude ;)

You Loc Head