Friday, 23 October 2015

Hair How To: Loc Pompadour


Here's to my first DIY video, yaaaaaayi. Forgive any shyness and my finger nails, It's a little weird talking to yourself in your computer knowing that hundreds, maybe thousands of people from across the globe may get to watch, so #phew!!! Enjoy the video.! If you choose to recreate this style feel free to tag me in your pictures or video, my handle on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is @locitude.

I must also add that if you are DIY shy then you can visit the Locitude Studio at Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos; a member of the Locitude team would be happy to help. For Bookings visit or call 08189001122.

This seems like a very short post :( but I guess the 9 minutes of talking in the video makes up for it.

Ok then, till later.

Your Loc Head,


Wednesday, 14 October 2015

How Clean Are Your Locs?

Hello Peeps,

Where has the year gone? It's unbelievable that it's Mid October already. I remember New Year's of 2015 like it was yesterday and now I'm thinking what New Year Resolutions I would be making for 2016. Let me not deceive myself by saying I have 2 and a half months to think about 2016, I know the rest of the year is going to fly by very quickly, so let me quickly blog this one of many things that have been on my mind this past few months..... How clean are your locs?

How Clean are your locs?
Let's start with a confession or many confessions...

I have never really been confident about my loc admirers getting up, close and personal with my locs not because I don't like the fanning; or that I'm too conservative to flaunt my locs; or that I love my personal space that much. It has really been because I wasn't sure what they would find inside them; is it the thread from that style in 2013; or the shells I that stuck in my hair from the beach 10 months ago or was it 2 years ago; or that one time my scarf flew off in the middle of the desert and my locs packed some sand; or some left over shear butter from that time when I swore by shear butter and shear butter alone, or lint from my blanket... The list can go on and on.

Locs can hold on to your past even when you are trying to let go and cleaning them out can be a struggle. In the past few months I have met a good number of loc heads and seen all sorts past people's locs are holding onto. I have also read and watched a ton of YouTube videos on how to get rid this gunk. Some of the solutions are like science experiments with no definite conclusion, some not logical enough to try, others neither here or there. In all of this I would try to summarize my observations and share some information on what has worked for me and clients of the Locitude Studio.

1. Forget Sulfate Free Anything (If you are trying to cleanse your locs).

Washing your locs without a Sulfate shampoo or product with similar ingredient is like washing palm oil plate with water, literally! I have used this analogy countless times as it is the best explanation of what we see when we wash locs with moisturising shampoos. The stale oil floats to the surface and stays there. So if you are about really washing all that wax, stale oils and product out of your locs look for a Sulfate Shampoo to help.

2, Sulfates Dry out your Locs - So condition them.

Yes, During a wash with a sulfate shampoo your hair already begins to feel dry, that's because it is getting squeaky clean; which is alright but you need to condition your locs to protect them from breakage due to excessive dryness. Conditioners help retain moisture.

3. All Sulfate Shampoos are not equal.

Some products are more superior than others, so just because the bottle reads contains sulfate doesn't mean it would work magic. Usually the pricier bottles are superior, but if you are going to spend all that money, it's worth knowing the track record of the product you are buying. No harm asking google.

4. Chill on the Experiments.

I love experiments, if not for all my experimenting I'll be brain dead by now. However, apply common sense to your experiments, try to find the logic before you go mixing concoctions in your locs, remember if it goes wrong the repercussions would stay with you forever.

Feeling much better about the cleanliness of my locs :)

After all said and done, my locs and I are in a happier place than we have ever been with regards to being clean and the below products are the reason.

- Design Essentials Deep Cleanse Shampoo
- Design Essentials Moisturising Shampoo and
- Design Essentials Stimulations Super Conditioner

All recommended by Damian Walter (famous Houston Loctician). I gave my hair a wash in the shower and we can save what came out for another post X_X.

I'll be doing reviews on this products in the coming week. This is becoming a heck of a long post so I would end here. Hope you found the information useful and drop a comment if you please. One love, love life and keep it loc'd with a clean attitude. xoxo.

Your Loc Head