Sunday, 29 November 2015

Hair & December in Nigeria, 2015

Hello :),

December is here and as usual Lagos, Nigeria will be vibing with a ton of concerts and activities for the holiday season. Fortunately  the hair world isn't left out. After scouting the internet for what will go down in the Nigerian Lagos sphere, Here's a useful  list of what I found.

1. Dec 10th, 2015 - In-Salon Trichology Consult by O'Naturals and African Naturalistas.
Trichology is so important, your hair stylist can only give hair and scalp advise based on experience, however we are not all the same. What works for A may not work for B; so consulting a specialist especially when there's an obvious problem that your stylist can solve is the right thing to do, O'Naturals is on the mainland so very accessible for mainland folks.

2. Dec 11th, 2015 - In-Salon Trichology Consult by KLNaturals and African Naturalistas
Island location :)

3. Dec 12th, 2015 - Naturals In The City 13 by Natural Nigerian
Locitude will feature as a guest speaker and vendor at this event, follow us on social media for more details and the theme of the event NITC is always a fun event. Looking forward to this one.

4. Dec 12th, 2015, Jungo, A DIY Class by Lumo Naturals
This one is going down in Abuja :) and sounds like its going to be very interesting..

There's my list, hope you get to attend one of the events.

One last thing, Locitude will of course Give-Away something special this Christmas and you maybe one of the lucky winners, do stay tuned to the blog and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook - @locitude to make sure you don't miss out.

Here's my current hair condition, seriously keeping it loc'd with an attitude, :D

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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Loc Appreciation Day Lagos, 2015 - What went down.

Hello Y'all,

Call  this one a major throw back. Loc Appreciation Day, 2015 was exactly 4 months ago today but the memories remain fresh on my mind. Lagos participated again this year and the atmosphere was live! We were hardly able to stick to the programme as attendees couldn't wait to mingle and network.

Host: Bassey Ikpi
Panel Discussion: Why I cut my locs... featuring Ade Bantu, Atilola Moronfolu of African Naturalistas, Tosyn Bucknor and Bankole Olorunfemi of Tech Cabal
DIY tutorials: Ade Balogun of Locitude
Performances: Tu Scarce and Ado
Images courtesy: Bimdizzle and Hairvolution Magazine.
Media Coverage: Silverbird TV.

Our partners and sponsors:

Many thanks to everyone who came through, It was really a fun event and now looking forward to LAD 2016. I leave you with a ton of pictures holding sweet memories from the 27th of June, 2015.


Your Loc Head,