Tuesday, 31 January 2017

KUI Care Sample Party and Leave-In- Conditioning-Mist Product review

Hello Peeps,

Yes, I know I'm doing good with updating the blog regularly, thank you, thank you, no photographs, no autographs in short no graphs, I'm just trying hard to score high on my performance review tomorrow. Hehehe.... ok on to serious matters, you might be wondering what KUI Care is, if you don't already know, let me tell you.

KUI Care is a proudly Made In Nigeria hair product range specifically for natural hair. I was opportuned  to attend a sample party for said product hosted by Savvy And Chic Hair Beauty Hub early December 2016 and it was a pleasure to meet Majiri Otobo, the creator of KUI Care. Gosh! she has such a winning personality and I will go ahead to famz her here just like I did at the party. We are birthday mates and both our mothers are Ijaw :) In other words we are sisters. Dabs of Naija Hair Can Grow blog captured excerpts and pictures of the entire event and you can read all about it here.

Even though KUI wasn't created for Locs and even though locs are really just natural hair... ok let's not complicate things, I just would like to introduce you to my favourite KUI product and let you know what it can do for locs - KUI Tea-Tree & Cinnamon Leave-In Conditioning Mist.
The above product is advertised to keep hair Soft, Long and Healthy. I have used in my hair since December 2016 till date every other day and I can attest to it's conditioning properties, my locs are soft and nicer to touch. As for the length part there's no way to measure that, so I can't promise you growth. My biggest draw to the product is it's smell. I love love love! If that's what a mix of Tea-Tree and Cinnamon smell like I may as well use it as perfume, lol.

When your locs are properly moisturised they are in a healthy state as they are less prone to breakage from dryness and manipulation. In my last two posts on Loc Length Retention, I mentioned to think moisture, KUI leave-In mist is an easy solution to that. The number one content of the product is water. If you are thinking DIY and wondering what kind of water to oil mixture will be enough, KUI Leave-In is a good alternative to quench your worries.

My verdict.

Function: Excellent
Smell: Awesomely Excellent
Feeling: Excellent
Consistency: Excellent

Overall I'll give KUI Leave-In Conditioning Mist a 9.7/10 just because there's always room for improvement. As you can already tell I love this product and this is my honest, unsolicited, unpaid opinion. I must also say I am proud that it is Made In Nigeria by a Nigerian. if you decide to buy this product it won't be because it is to support our own it would be because it is a damn good product.

Majiri has also done a good job in making KUI accessible Nationwide in Nigeria and I think you can purchase worldwide too.  Check out the KUIcare Website for more deets.

I just had a heavy lunch and sleep is catching me, so at this point I will exercise my CEO rights and take a quick nap to rejuvenate my brain. :)

Till Later,

Your Loc Head

Monday, 30 January 2017

Neat Loc Look In Minutes - DIY.


How you all doing? Here's a quick on for y'all. I chose locs because I didn’t want to stress over my hair and it has worked out very well for me these past 7 years, however there are times when a fresh retwist is needed and you don’t want to be bothered by the salon or simply don’t have the time. Below is a short tutorial on how to get a neat look in minutes.

I shot this video with Prime TV mid last year and thought it never made the cut only for me to find it all so randomly on YouTube about a month ago.

Hope you like and drop a comment if you please.

Your Loc Head


Sunday, 29 January 2017

7 Tips to Loc Length Retention.

Hello People,

One twelfth of the year has gone by already, time indeed waits for no one and on that note here are some tips that can help you retain your loc length.

1. Less is More.

This is my watch word. It's really simple and easy the less goes into your hair the better it grows, Stick to a very simple routine, shampoo, condition, oil your scalp and hair, moisturise (using water mostly) and really everything else is jara (extra).

2. Think Moisture.

Dryness plays a big role in loc breakage, therefore combating dryness is key to retaining your already grown hair. Water is the best medicine for thirst, we all know this! Whilst a cold frizzy drink may relief the throat of instant thirst, we also know that moments after, the after taste makes you need even more water to quench the initial thirst. Enough metaphors, I'm sure you get my point , water is your number one moisturiser, wash frequently (according to your lifestyle). Spritz a mix of water (90- 95%) and oils (5 - 10%) every other day or as needed to help retain moisture.  Hot Oil Treatments can also give a leg up if your locs are extra dry. 

3. Leave your Locs alone.

Permit me to generalise here, Nigerian women are fond of "changing their hair styles". This usually leads to new loc heads being tempted to fix weaves, braids and what not. My dears, your hair is enough and to keep it healthy and long you kinda have to leave them alone (at least most times). Tight braids can ruin your edges and you can loose as much as entire strands of locs if your weaves are taken out wrongly. You also need to chill on that hand-in-hair syndrome.

4. No Heavy Stuff.

By heavy stuff, I mean butters, wax and products of generally thick consistency. The truth is that some heavy products (Shea butter for instance) can be good for your locs in theory, however it is almost impossible to wash that heavy stuff from your locs. It seeps into the shaft of your loc strands and stays there, becoming stale and a builds up into a literal build up problem. Build up causes weak points in locs thereby leading to eventual breakage. So say no to Heavy Stuff.

5. Careful with the Colour.

Colour is that one thing that gives locs that extra edge, I won't lie locs are beautiful when coloured and yes I have coloured my hair more than a few times in my life time, however Hydrogen Peroxide and Ammonia play a number on your hair. Major side effect is dryness and remember dryness = breakage. Look out for products without Peroxide and Ammonia. I also tried out Hair Chalk a couple of weeks ago as an option. So be careful with colour.

6. Keep with a Locking Method that works for you.

Here's a tricky one, a good Loctician will be the best to help you find a method that works for you. I personally fall to palm rolling as the default method for locking both my locs and clients at the Locitude Studio, as it has minimum risk on damaging your hair. You have to find and stick to what works for you. The Interlocking method on the other hand damaged my locs, however I have seen this method work for some other people. If any one is using a foam, towel or sponge to agressively rub your head and give you headache, please STOP IT!. I hear that Paracetamol is now N300, let's not even start with the price of Advil.

7. Time.

Time grows all hair, except there's an underlining medical condition. Before you run off to your doctor looking for medical conditions, I must share that at no particular time in the history of my locs have I felt they are growing. I mostly complain of stagnancy, however, year on year I accumulate growth, it never seems obvious but my locs are definitely growing. So take a selfie every now and then or do a yearly length check like I do. I'm sure you will see that against all odds your locs are growing. 

One wise naturalista once said it's really not about growing your hair it's about how you are able keep the hair you have grown. I sincerely hope you find the above tips useful and if you have and comments, additions and subtractions, feel free to drop a line in the comment section.

On that note I leave you with a short video of me feeling pretty on date night some time ago. My hair is in a bun and I hadn't had them retwisted in about 3 weeks. I love the rough look always.

Peace, love and keep it loc'd with some attitude.

Your Loc Head

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Hair Chalk on Locs

Day 1 

Dear Diary,

My hair chalk has arrived, found them on Konga and it didn't take too long to get delivered. I'm excited to see how it turns out on my locs. I will be putting it on only a few stands because I think it would be cooler that way, besides I can't imagine my whole head green, purple or blue. I'm crazy but not that crazy.

Day 2

Hello Diary,

 I'm getting my hair washed at Locitude Studio because frankly speaking it is less stressful than DIY. It's my first wash of 2017 and I'm so looking forward to having water on my scalp. The moment of hair chalking has come and oh my it's quite a messy process, but look how vibrant the green is on my locs. 3 strands down and I'm thinking that's enough. One colour only is boring so let me add some purple, on 3 more strands :). I swear I'm stopping now, no more.

Ade, experimenting with hair chalk.
I stopped at Begavet and found Jumoke whom I haven't seen this year and guess what she likes my colours so I brought her to the studio and put some on her loose natural hair too. Look, Look Look, now that's crazy. What do you think?
Hair Chalk on Loose Natural Hair

Tonight I'll sleep in my Locitude Multipurpose Band and hope I still have colour in the morning.

Day 3


Gosh today was busy, still had my band on for most of today and didn't even bother to see how my hair chalking was doing, Took of my band to demonstrate the many uses of the all purpose band and didn't put it on again. Customers like it and Dija opted to try it out too.
Hair Chalk on Dija's hair.

Day 4

Hey Diary,

I stained my pillow case last night, kept procrastinating about wearing my band to sleep but slept off watching Netflix and now my pillows are the new Shrek and Barney.

Day 5

Dear Diary,

Today I stayed at home all day, rest was much needed. Work was busy yesterday, we like busy at the Locitude Studio. I decided to go for a run and finally get to keeping one of my new year resolutions. Size 10 I must be and this tummy must be drawing board flat. My all purpose band did not leave my locs.

Day 6.

I still have colour in my locs, in fact someone complimented, :) look at me now, I am bae not just bae sef, funky bae, looking all fly with green and purple in my hair.

I feel a little stressed though, from over thinking and under doing, so I decided to freshen my face with a damp wipe hoping my stress will be relieved and guess what colour the wipe cloth is? Greenish Purple. Hmmmm. I don't remember any one staring at me funny so I'm sure my face hasn't been too greenish purple.

Tomorrow would make my Hair Chalk journey one week I will give you my preliminary analysis then.

Day 7.

The Verdict after Six-ish days.

1. I still have colour in my locks, so Hair chalk is an awesome temporary alternative for getting colour.
2. It's damn easy to apply.
3. The colours are vibrant and they show. Colouring locs is usually an hassle, the colour never comes out as advertised with most packed dyes until you've coloured them over and over again. With Hair Chalk what you see is what you get.

1. The application process for Hair Chalk can be messy. You want to use gloves, I applied them without gloves the first time and second time, my hands were really messy but hey the stain was easy to wash out.
2. It stains everything. Yep, when I touch my chalked locs my fingers still stain and remember, my pillow case stained as well.
3. I have no idea if there are any other negative after effects of Hair chalking.
4. I didn't spritz my locs with anything through out these 7 days. I was afraid that it'll get messier.

Some Blue and Purple Hair Chalk for Dupe too :)

Final word, I like, I will defiinitely do it again. I think it's one of those things you can do because you know you can get away with it.
7 Days after, not as vibrant but still there.

What do you think? Would you chalk your locs?

Your Loc Head,

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The Locitude Studio!!!


This post is long long long overdue, but there's no better way to officially open the Studio for the year without writing about it, so here we are. Where do I start? There's no time like the present, So let's start from now.

All new Locitude Studio.
The Locitude Studio is one of several arms of the Locitude Empire (Community - Empire was just too tempting to say). It is currently my favorite part and where I spend most of my time. Locitude Studio is mostly fun and the meeting point of loc heads. The best part of the Studio are the people who come through, everyone is unique, special, down to earth and ready to mingle.

Besides being a fun place we offer loc care services, we help you get started on your loc journey and help you groom them healthily to maturity.

Locitude Studio!


Open Hours:
Tues - Fridays: 10am - 7pm
Saturdays: 9am - 6pm

Services offered:
Loc Consultation
Starter Locs
Loc Maintenance (Wash, Re-twist and Style)
Loc repair
Loc Colour
Hot Oil Treatment
Comb Curls
Microlocs Re-tightening

Appointment Bookings:


Locitude Studio.
Now, let me go all grandma on you and tell you a little story about how the Locitude studio started... I'll try to keep it short. Sometime, mid 2014, I was contacted by a Secondary School mate, Dominica to help her with pipe cleaner curls just like the ones I had done for myself and posted on social media. I sent her links to the YouTube videos I had used but she insisted and became my first paying customer.

By December of 2014 I had one handful of clients but figured I could make something out of this whole Hair Dressing thingy. In January of 2015, I rented a short let apartment on the weekends only for 6 months and then started taking weekend appointments, moving the bed out and putting in plastic chairs while carrying salon equipment in the back of my car. By April, I was working 7 days a week, 5 days at my day job and 2 days at the make shift studio. In May I quit my day job to fabricate furniture (this never really happened) and maybe continue this hair thing on the side. By July, 2015 I rented a tiny tiny space that was approximately the size of a really spacious elevator on Eti-Osa road in Dolphin Estate and by December of that year it was obvious we needed to move.

In 2016, we moved to a much bigger space using everything I had, support from family and friends and faith. The recession hit, the Naira lost value, the studio had Newspapers on the store front for months unend. I never wanted to write about it, because it wasn't where I needed it to be yet; but everyone who came accepted us for where we were in our journey and encouraged us to forge ahead. Today, I'm happy I can write about this place.

Trust me that was the short version.

I'm grateful to every single person who has in one way or the other contributed to who we are today as Locitude. If there's anything I've learnt it's the value of people, collaboration, openness, humility and just taking one step at a time. So hope you stop by sometime soon. xoxo!

Your Loc Head,
For #TeamLocitude

Sunday, 8 January 2017

New Year, New Locitude!!!

Hello You,

We took our time to wish you a Happy New Year 2017!!!.

The Interweb has certainly become an interesting place this past year. It has helped expand our audience in more ways than we imagined. 2016 was also the year of the "Buhari times" otherwise known as when the inevitable Nigerian Recession finally hit the apparent middle class that had grown in previous years. For us however, it was a time to learn, grow and define who we are as Locitude; and 2017 is the year when we take it to the next level. We thank you in advance for staying with us and supporting us through our journey 'cos it's yours too.

Who we are?

We started out as a "just-for-fun" Blog in 2014 but over the years we have evolved to become a community for people with locs, a dynamic force which depends on loc enthusiasts. We are now more than a blog or hair studio, we are an eco-system, a melting point of diverse individuals; entrepreneurs, workers, students, senior citizens and children; our exchange creates growth, economic opportunities and collaboration.

What we do?

We love everything locs, and help create a positive and thriving community for people with this very special thing in common... Our services are born out of the needs of loc heads

- Salon services at the Locitude Studio, currently located at Suite 44, Dolphin Plaza, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi.
- Content production that brings the versatility of locs to your daily life, via social media, blog and our magazine.
- Event Organisation; the official host of Loc Appreciation Day, Lagos and Loc Workshop & Stylist competition.
- We build connections and collaborations within our community, you never know who you'll meet or what you'll learn on our platform.
- We try as we can to de-stigmatize locs.
- We are always happy to learn new things.

Why 2017 will be the best year yet.

Grateful for the holidays and the opportunity of kicking off our shoes and relaxing, we have planned a lot for this new year and we are even more excited for all the possibilities and opportunities that we are yet to realize. 

Starting with the obvious..

1. Loc Appreciation Day, 2017 will be an even bigger and wider world event this year. Save the date  - 24th of June, 2017.
2. Loc Workshop and Stylist Competition is coming back in the first quarter of this year.
3. Locitude Magazine is also coming back again and here to stay.
4. I can hear The Locitude Web Series hovering loudly somewhere in the corner.
5. In addition to our signature oils more signature products are in the pipeline
6. Watch out for UYAI - you'll know when you see it.
7. and lastly an even better us.

The Locitude Studio is also getting a face lift over the holidays  *dancing like Sola Sobowale in the Wedding party*... Writing all about it in our next post so please stay tuned.

Happy New Year again and here is to a wonderful year ahead. :)

Your Loc Head
For #TeamLocitude.