Saturday, 10 December 2016

Locitude Multipurpose Bands (Sleep Cap, Hair Band, Ruffle and More).

Hello People,

December is telling me - "Bye Felicia", before it's even started, Kilode! Now now, it's already the 10th before I say Jack Robinson, christmas will be here. Waaawu!!!, where is the world rushing to. I guess the lesson here is that time waits for no one. Nike's slogan "Just Do It" is the key because time really waits for no one, and so I am writing this post in the same faith.

Last month, November 2016 was a month of firsts for Locitude, we launched our signature oils, Loc Jewelry and on the 30th of November I low key dropped a hint on the new addition in our merchandise category the Locitude Multipurpose Bands. Our first batch sold out like wild fire and I'm currently in the phase of collection feedback from our customers, so we can improve the product on the next batch.

Features of the Locitude Multipurpose Band.

1. Sleep Cap.

It is extremely easy to wear because of it's stretchy properties and has been reinforced on one end to give some grip without any pressure so it doesn't slip off the head easily as is the case with using just scarfs.

Other similar uses.
Head wrap  during exercise
Hold hair up in the shower

2. Hair Band.

If you have short locs, this one is for you too. the Locitude Multipurpose Band can also be used as an hair band. It can also be dressed up with a brooch and transformed into a formal wear.

3. Hair Ruffle.
This product is perfect as a replacement for rubber bands or those thicker bands that break with time. You can easily convert the band to ruffle. It doesn't break and it won't put any pressure on your loc strands.

Collaboration has become a word and action I have fallen in love with these past few months. The Locitude Multipurpose Bands are not by my efforts alone. I have collaborated with my friend and Loc sister, Lotanna Akande of Eric & Anna (an upcoming fashion brand) on this and working with her has definitely worth while as my idea from and her skills have birthed this simple but very functional product that will make a Loc Head happy. 

I leave you with a couple of pictures showing how I have rocked mine and I'm definetly making a video once the next batch arrives demonstrating the many uses of the Loitudde Multipurpose Band so you can have a better feel of how it looks and works. :)

That's it for now folks, till later.

Your Loc Head,


Friday, 11 November 2016

Winner, Locitude Minty Burst Giveaway!!!

Hello people,

Here's a quick one announcing the winner of the Locitude Minty Burst Giveaway...

The lucky Number 5 is Angela Ehi-Okoduwa who was selected via an random number generator online. 9 qualified participants entered for the promo and the generator chose number 5. No wayo at all at all, Enlarge screen shoot below for proof.

Here's a big thank you to all we participated and for all the kind words we received on the Locitude Signature oils. Special thanks to Natalie who reached out all the way for North Carolina. You are making us think of the bigger picture :).

Locitude Minty Burst
Angela will be contacted via email so we can her Minty Burst in her hair as soon as possible. Don't forget that you can order a bottle of your own by calling Locitude on 08183001122 or email us at

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend ahead.. xoxo.

Your Loc Head,


Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Locs And Exercise.

Hey peeps,

#FitFam #Fitness #WeightLoss #TeamFit are all familiar tags in our social media feed these days and on top of this Kanye West had to release that video with Teyana Taylor's body looking like fire!!! The woman had a baby less than a year before the video was shot. Now, look at me, single and never given birth, I'm one of those asking why can't that be me.

Four months ago, July to be precise I was encouraged to start working out, not because I was consciously unsatisfied with my body but because 85kg on the scale is a little worrying and looking sexier never hurt anybody. To add to this I had a new year resolution in 2015 to loose 15kg before the end of that year. Unfortunately I started the year and ended it at 85kg. On the bright side, at least I didn't add weight.

In 2016, I have made progress. I got on a scale 2 days ago and it said 71kg. I can't believe it, I swear. I plan on rechecking on another scale, no way I lost 14kg in four months on my very convenient routine. I'm so sorry I am beginning to obsess about weight loss talk when the purpose of this post is how exercising has/is affecting my locs. Let me get right into that.

1. Sweat and Styling.... 
Errrr... Not working for me. A good work out equals a good amount of sweat, especially on the scalp. I air my locs after every work out and the process is less complicated without a style, hence I have avoided styling these past 4 months.

2. Routine maintenance.
Before my #teamfitfam days I washed my locs once a month, as you would imagine once a month can't cut it for me any longer since I sweat (major dripping sweat) at least three times a week. So I have bumped up my maintenance routine to once in 2 weeks.

3. Re-twisting.
I am a big fan of the rough look (i.e washing my locs without re-twisting them). Of recent this hasn't worked for me. As I noted in my To FreeForm or not post, my scalp feels like it's not getting enough air when the roots are undone for too long. With exercising, I need air. So I have found myself re-twisting more often; once every 2 weeks a very light twist though, so I don't thin out my locs.

4. What to do with my Locs during exercise.
I leave my locs out in a ponytail when I run, dance or do cardio and wrap them up when I do floor exercises to make sure I don't turn them to a mop. Locs pick up all sorts of things so don't give them a chance to.

5. Air is Everything.
Letting my locs breathe has been liberating in this weight loss journey. If I feel them getting funky before my wash days, I air them and oil my scalp with the Locitude Minty Burst.

This is about all I can think of at the moment, If you have any personal observations, comments or questions. feel free drop a word below.

Let me give you small more exercise gist before I sign off. After failing (personal trainer, egg, apple & oat diet and starvation) at weight loss in 2015, I decided that this time I will only do things I enjoy doing, hoping what ever results I achieve will last. Here's my routine in order of preference.

1. Salsa Dancing (check out Buddy's classes)
2. Aerobics in front of my TV using Leslie Sansone's videos.
3. Running on Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge. - The gist about this bridge is not for this blog. Hehehehe.

I try to make sure I get a good workout at least 3 times a week, I just do whichever I am in the mood for. Sometimes I am able to squeeze in 6 days of sweat a week. If this 14kg loss is true, we can't stop now. Here's a #fitfam selfie :).

I have talked for Africa, let me go and do hair, recession is biting, but we are biting right back. ;).

Your Loc Head,


Friday, 4 November 2016

Locitude Loc Jewelry. Ver 1.0

Hi people,

I told you November is going to be a month to remember, I wasn't joking, I wasn't joking at all :). Before I introduce you to Version 1.0 of our locally made Loc Jewelry permit me to say a big thank you for the warm response and feedback that our Locitude Signature Oils have received. All the positivity has been very encouraging and heart warming.

Collaboration is an awesome thing as it brings ideas to reality; networking is something that happens  so constantly at the Locitude Studio that I am learning not to take it for granted. So I met Ronke, a Gold Smith of Ion Jewelry Designs School who recently started her locs and we got talking about the possibility of producing our own Proudly Nigerian Loc Jewelry. Here's version "1.0" of our discussion in pictures.

Loc Jewelry by Locitude - Fine Silver (999)

Loc Jewelry by Locitude - Copper
We have such big plans for the variations of this product to come that I've almost killed Ronke with emails, confirming and reconfirming our options and trolling her private messages on social media. I am trying very hard not to spill the beans. So here's what you need to know right now,

1. Loc Jewelry Ver. 1.0 by Locitude is available in 4mm - 8mm.
2. Comes in 2 main shades of Copper and Fine Silver.
3. You can currently purchase them at the Locitude Studio where we will fit them for you.
4. You can also purchase via what's app - 08189001122
5. or Online via social media, send us a Direct message on Instagram, twitter or facebook. All our handles are @locitude.

I'll be working on reviving our website to make purchases and design picks easier for Version 2.0. In the meantime I just had to put this out here and I remain super excited at the future ventures to come. 

On a quick note, if you are reading this before the 11th of Novemember, 2016 remember you can still be the lucky person to get the Locitude Minty Burst Giveaway, all you have to do is read the previous post and follow the instructions therein.

Gat to go now. 

I remain your loyal Loc Head.


Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Locitude Signature Oils.

Hello People,

I am excited and very few things excite me in this time of recession. They say "Every cloud has a silver lining" so I have been trying my best to remain motivated as getting behind this cloud of recession is not easy at all. I must say the recession has personally forced me to look inwards, sleep has been far just like the days when I practiced Architecture. I have so passionately written about the American made Hair Hope Growth Oil on this blog but when we saw the dollar rate climb from N160 to N450 against the dollar I decided to give myself brain.

After months of pressuring my brain, trail and error, failed tests and growth process I have come up with 2 formulars that I am very proud of. Locitude is now a formulator of its own signature oils :). Before I deviate further to give you the details of the merry go round I have done to get to this point let me introduce you to the newest members of our enterprise.

1. Locitude Minty Burst - *Customers favourite*

Minty Burst
The Minty Burst is a blend of Coconut, Peppermint, Tea-tree and Rosemary Oils. The mix was created with the scalp in mind, geared towards stimulating the scalp thereby enhancing hair growth. It also soothes the scalp, reliefs dry and itchiness and helps eliminate dandruff.  We have been testing this product since June of 2016 and the feedback has been awesome. 

I must add that if you are into exercising, here's a quick tip for you. Minty burst is awesome for refreshing the scalp after a run or sweaty work out. Air/blow dry your hair on cool setting, apply Minty Burst to your scalp and you will instantly feel refreshed. The minty-ness of our mix also helps eliminate any smells in your hair from sweat.

2. Locitude Conditioning Mix.

The Conditioning Mix is a blend of Coconut, Castor, Argan and Eucalyptus Oils. This was formulated with the hair shaft in mind. The blends helps to condition the hair by softening. It also helps with moisture retention and it stops breakage, Did you hear that, it STOPS BREAKAGE. 

*Locitude Oils can be used on all hair types*

It has taken about 10 months of trail and error, sourcing fresh mint leaves, drying them and mixing them, rotten them, getting sad and then motivated to start all over again till we got here. Now we can say the recession has made us stronger.

Here's a big thank to you all who have purchased this product and all our Locitude clients who have allowed us to test it on them. You guys are the real silver lining.

Now from the bottom of my belle I would like to give away one 100ml bottle of the Locitude Minty Burst to one lucky person. All you have to do is email me at info@TheLocitude,com indicating your interest in wining the price and I will reply you with a dedicated number. A random number will be selected at 11:11am, on the 11th of November, 2016. Best of luck.

I don talk plenty, so it's time to go now....  #Happy

Your Loc Head,


Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Loc Stigma (Nigeria)

Hello y'all,
I had a whole week to rest in Abuja, this is the longest I have stayed in Abuja ever, it’s usually in and out but this stay was definitely worth it. I can truly say I rested. J
Walking up those miserable metal stairs to the departure hall at the Abuja airport, I noticed I got a few awkward stares, this can be attributed to several things; maybe the short dress I’m wearing, my beautiful long legs or maybe my hair, my dada, my lovely crown. These days I can’t even be bothered any more, I just like to believe that I am a fine girl like that. Haha!!!

On a more serious note though, Loc stigma exists in many ways and it’s a little unsettling to understand why. In more recent times I have been obsessed about explaining this phenomenon and I’m pretty determined to make the world see how ridiculous it is to stigmatize anybody for choosing to wear their own hair. I hope to make a documentary sometime in the near future where we can trace locs to our own history and see how it became a taboo for one to be true to how they are. In the main time and before I unleash my film making abilities, here are my thoughts around loc stigma in Nigeria.

The Mad Man.
I remember the streets of Lagos dotted with burning filth alongside mentally ill persons in the 90’s when I was growing up in the city. All mentally ill persons on the streets also had the trade mark – “Dada” also known as Dreadlocks. When you don’t comb your hair it locks, that is what hair of African descent does and as you would imagine mentally ill persons living on the streets, combing through trash for their daily bread are not thinking of combing their hair. This was my introduction to locs as a Nigeria and yes it’s not pleasing, not what anyone would like to wear.

The Religious Factor.
Many White Garment wearing churches have sentiments towards locs. It is quite common in Nigeria to find children in such churches with dada. I remember hearing stories about how a child can die if their locs were cut, or how their scalps will bleed; how a big party has to be thrown before you can cut off the locs. I know that the proposed documentary will shed more light on these beliefs and why they have come to be. However, this religious bias discourages a lot of people from wearing locs.

The Rastafarian.
This is in fact another Jamaican religious sect, known for wearing locs and smoking cannabis. The loc stigma here comes from “cannabis”. It is largely assumed that when you wear locs, you must smoke a little bit of ganja too. I have been asked severally for information on where to find weed…. Errrr seriously?

The Doll Face Factor
When wearing someone else’s hair becomes more acceptable than wearing yours… Jesus! Even typing this is ridiculous. Over the past decade, it has become the norm to woman of colour to always have straight hair and somehow buying other people’s hair, Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, literally hair from any other race is the solution to having long, silky, straight hair at all times. It appears we are all trying extra hard and spending good MONEY to look like Barbie dolls.

These are just a few of the things at the back of the average Nigerian’s mind that leads to stereotyping people with locs and it is all wrong. If you think about this a little it becomes clear that the stigma comes from a place of not thinking, confusion and internalized unconscious self-hate. How can we hate ourselves so much without even knowing?

Some may argue that things are changing and people with locs are becoming more acceptable. The answer is yes; but we need to have this conversation until having locs is perceived as normal.

@OMGvoiceNigeria created this beautiful montage of Nigerian celebrities with locs, I leave you with this.

Till later. I remain your loyal Loc Head.


Friday, 22 July 2016

Are You Fussing Over Your Locs?

Hello People,

Last month was a good month for Locitude in the media, all thanks to Loc Appreciation Day :). A lot of loc heads have scolded me for not blogging as much as I used to considering this is where it all started. So, my mid year resolution is to keep the blog alive. :). If you are a blog reader you must know that I always like to digress before talking about the main subject matter. My heart goes out to my brothers and sisters of colour in the United States, the fight to be free seems to never stop as slavery has evolved into this ugly manifestations we see as police brutality. In Africa on the other hand, we have to deal with a different kind of slavery, mental slavery. Hope must not be lost, fight we all must, in every little way that we can till we are all free...

Ok, let's lighten up the mood and talk about what you are really here for; "Are you fussing over your locs? I have the pleasure of meeting loc heads every day at the Locitude studio and there's constant Loc envy. I get asked a variation of the same question almost every time "Ade, why can't my hair be like that?" The funny part is that the one who is being envied is envying someone else's locs, It's crazy! One with one month old locs is drooling over a 6 month old loc head, one with scanty locs is slobbering over someone with a thick head of locs and the one with a thick head of locs is salivating over someone bra length locs. The cycle doesn't stop. Phew!!!!

Here's my response to all of this, first things first - All healthy locs are beautiful locs. So I'm saying if your locs are healthy they are beautiful and if you are fussing, maybe you shouldn't because there's someone else out there wishing they are where you are.

Secondly - We are all different.  Our hair grows differently, our textures are different, yes some more similar than others but you have to love what you have and work with it.

Thirdly - Listen to your hair. I know I'm beginning to sound a little crazy, but just stay with me. Your hair speaks to you. You can tell when your hair is dry by running your fingers through them and you can respond by spraying some water and oils in. When your scalp is itchy, you probably need a shampoo. So listen to your hair, you are likely to achieve better hair.

Lastly and ultimately. A good regime + Patience never fails. For length and achieving loc'd natural hair it is no news that patience is the most important virtue to have, whilst been patient, adopt a less is more regime, Shampoo, Condition, Oil and re-twist, or not regularly and watch your locs do their thing. I'm due to wash my locs in another 2 weeks, I will be sure to document and let you see my current regime, product list and product review.

Truth is you are not be fussing if you notice any thinning; your edges disappearing; pain whilst re-twisting, breakage or anything out of the ordinary, Ask your stylist questions, or come in for a free consultation at the Locitude studio.

This post has been peppered, with pictures from the up coming Locitude Magazin, yaaaaayiiii!!!! At this point I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who's supportive of Locitude so far, you've made this all worth it.

Got to go now...

Your Loc Head.


Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Locs, The Nigerian Perspective - Interview With Ebuka on Rubbin Minds

Hello people,

Happy Eid Mubarak!

The buzz around Loc Appreciation Day this year has been good and the response reassuring and I am more than grateful for the positive feedback on the event and the attention in the press. In this interview which aired live on Channels TV on Sunday the 26th of June, 2016, I had the opportunity of explaining what my locs mean to me and how I believe they should be perceived. Enjoy watching and I sincerely hope I represented us loc heads well. :).

The interview is in two parts.

On a lighter note, I didn't mean to blend into the back ground, that just kinda happened. The memo said not to wear grey, I thought yellow will pop against grey, then look what hapened, can you imagine?

Let me know how I did.

Your Loc Head,


Sunday, 3 July 2016

Loc Appreciation Day, Lagos 2016 In Pictures

A big thank you to everyone who showed up to this year’s Loc Appreciation Day, Lagos 2016. It was lit with good people and good conversation. Many thanks to all our partners for helping make our day more colourful; Kinky Apothecary for the awesome gift packs, Battabox for our Green carpet moments, Liquid Hub for helping us create the perfect ambience, Eric and Anna for the awesome dresses Isabella Akinseye (our host) and I wore and Special me organics and Dr. Toyin Oshinowo for joining our panel discussion. The feedback has been awesome and ideas for 2017 have started rolling in. I bore you no more with talk talk… enjoy the pictures from the day, some videos will be released soon.

 Thank you all so so much.

Yoir Loc Head,