Saturday, 10 December 2016

Locitude Multipurpose Bands (Sleep Cap, Hair Band, Ruffle and More).

Hello People,

December is telling me - "Bye Felicia", before it's even started, Kilode! Now now, it's already the 10th before I say Jack Robinson, christmas will be here. Waaawu!!!, where is the world rushing to. I guess the lesson here is that time waits for no one. Nike's slogan "Just Do It" is the key because time really waits for no one, and so I am writing this post in the same faith.

Last month, November 2016 was a month of firsts for Locitude, we launched our signature oils, Loc Jewelry and on the 30th of November I low key dropped a hint on the new addition in our merchandise category the Locitude Multipurpose Bands. Our first batch sold out like wild fire and I'm currently in the phase of collection feedback from our customers, so we can improve the product on the next batch.

Features of the Locitude Multipurpose Band.

1. Sleep Cap.

It is extremely easy to wear because of it's stretchy properties and has been reinforced on one end to give some grip without any pressure so it doesn't slip off the head easily as is the case with using just scarfs.

Other similar uses.
Head wrap  during exercise
Hold hair up in the shower

2. Hair Band.

If you have short locs, this one is for you too. the Locitude Multipurpose Band can also be used as an hair band. It can also be dressed up with a brooch and transformed into a formal wear.

3. Hair Ruffle.
This product is perfect as a replacement for rubber bands or those thicker bands that break with time. You can easily convert the band to ruffle. It doesn't break and it won't put any pressure on your loc strands.

Collaboration has become a word and action I have fallen in love with these past few months. The Locitude Multipurpose Bands are not by my efforts alone. I have collaborated with my friend and Loc sister, Lotanna Akande of Eric & Anna (an upcoming fashion brand) on this and working with her has definitely worth while as my idea from and her skills have birthed this simple but very functional product that will make a Loc Head happy. 

I leave you with a couple of pictures showing how I have rocked mine and I'm definetly making a video once the next batch arrives demonstrating the many uses of the Loitudde Multipurpose Band so you can have a better feel of how it looks and works. :)

That's it for now folks, till later.

Your Loc Head,