Sunday, 29 June 2014

"Wetin Be Locs (Dada) Sef?" & LAD Collaboration Videos.

Hello Everyone,

I'm probably just recovering from the adrenaline of Loc Appreciation Day, Lagos which held yesterday. The rain almost gave me hypertension, my God; for those who are in Lagos if I say it rained lions and elephants out of the sky, I won't be exaggerating.

However, enough loc heads and loc lovers were determined ,despite the rain and puddles on Raymond Njoku to make it to LADLagos and to everyone I say a big THANK YOU.

Whilst waiting for the official pictures (hopefully they come in tomorrow) I thought it nice to share the "Wetin be Locs Sef?" video by  and the LAD collaboration videos.

Wetin Be Locs Sef? - By Battabox

LAD Collaboration Video 2014 by Knot Locks

LAD Collaboration Video 2014 by LockedLooneyTune

LAD Collaboration Video 2014 by Ibyl - Click here.

I made it into the LAD collaboration video by LockedLooneyTune. :) To participate in LAD collaboration videos next year like the official Loc Appreciation Day facebook page for details or follow my blog by putting in your email in the sidebar.

Hope you've enjoyed this Video upload, more post LAD updates coming soon + every loc head is asked why did you decide to get locs? I'll be doing a why I got locs post soon. Stay tuned and keep rocking your locs with an attitude.

Your Loc Head,

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Preview into Loc Appreciation Day, Lagos, 2014

Hello Everyone,

I have talked so much about the Lagos Maiden Meetup of Loc (Dada) Appreciation Day that I feel like my friends and family would probably hold an intervention for me on the 28th of June, 2014 to deliver me from Loc Talk.

The truth is so much planning has gone into the event and I can't help but pass on some more information on what will happen at Loc Appreciation Day, Lagos 2014.

I am honoured to announce that the beautiful and soulful Bassey Ikpi, Loc'd sister for 14years, poet, writer and presenter will anchor our activities of the day. Meet Bassey Ikpi in the video below.

A very short film -
"Wetin be locs sef?" will premiere on L.A.D, brought to us by The video seeks to define locs and also for the first time ever reveals what the average Nigerian thinks about Dada. I have seen the first cut and mehn - my fellow Nigerians, why now? Dada isn't that bad.

Panel Discussion
To correct the impressions on what Dada is, Bassey will be hosting a Panel Discussion featuring Jatto - easily the most popular loctician in Lagos, Ani Simon-Hart, loc'd for 10 years and of course yours truly Me - Ade Balogun, loc'd for about 4 and a half years. The audience would not be left out as there'll be a chance to ask questions, share stories, agree and disagree on this subject matter called loc's.

Spoken Word Art by The Obii Ifejika
Obii is the Winner, Naija Poetry Slam 2012 and Winner, Cannes Young Lions Design Competition 2013. Having her entertain us with words is something I'm personally looking forward to as I have never watch a spoken word performance live. Visit her facebook here.

DIY Styling
So imagine you have that important impromptu interview or one of those "I must represent wedding" to attend  with not enough time to go to a stylist. Locitude would be giving a couple of simple but very classy tutorials on how you can wear your locs without breaking a sweat :).

Documenting Locs with Segun Adewusi.
It was very fascinating to find this photographer, you'll be amazed to see his work and hear his story at the this years L.A.D Lagos.

Locitude Mini Magazine
In case you are wondering WHAT?!; Yes, Locitude is launching a magazine on Loc Appreciation Day!!!!! Whoop Whoop!!!! Here is a behind the scenes footage of Kazeem Onafuwa and Rulz both Graphic designers of Locitude Mag and pictures (by Jerry Doro) from the Magazine photoshoot for your viewing pleasure. A lot has been put into celebrating our crowns, our glory, our locs :).

- Savvy & Chic Hair and Beauty Hub. - Will give away a starter pack to one lucky attendee, also the first 10 persons will receive the home made shea butter mixes, great for moisturising both skin and hair.

- Kamah Accessories will also be giving away a 100% Proudly Nigerian made leather clutch bag.

- Our Host Bassey Ikpi also helped us organise some of her favorite hair products that some lucky attendees will get.

Trust me there's a lot more interesting stuff on our programme for the day, there would also be tees available with the official L.A.D 2014 Logo for sale.

Special thanks to all our Sponsors, Partners and Vendors.

Lots of love xoxo,

See you there :)


Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Hair How To: Barrel Roll Updo. The Locitude Version.

Hey Beautiful People,

I can't help but remain in an up-beat mode. L.A.D. is around the corner, there's still tons to do to make sure everything is intact however the idea of L.A.D makes me so so happy. Ooopss! I'm beginning to go off track. The Updo.

I posted the below picture of a gorgeous loc'd sister with a beautiful updo on Locitude Instagram and Facebook pages and got a comment saying "That must have taken forever" and I thought to myself - "challenge accepted!!!"

Of course, with the help of Google and my good friend Chescalocs (I've watched too many of her videos, I feel like we are best friends ;p), I came up with the Locitude version.

Barrel rolled locs, just before styling.

Parted my hair into 8 sections, Barrel rolled and styled taking a cue from Chesca's video embedded below. 

My hair is only about half the length of Chesca's and probably a quarter of the length of the first picture so I didn't have much hair to play with when I was styling. Here are my results.

I have been wearing this hair do since Sunday evening. Just like Chesca said in her video, I sleep in a scarf and it's pretty comfortable. Also took me only half an hour to get it done. It didn't take forever. :).

Locs are truly versatile and you can pretty much do anything you want to do with them. Fortunately there's so much information out there. Get Loc Educated and add some attitude to your Loc journey.

That's it for today. Making a few last minute confirmations for L.A.D and planning a preview post. I promised it was a packed week and it definitely is. If you still don't know about L.A.D click here.

Till later,

Your Loc Head

Monday, 16 June 2014

Product Review: Evolve Self Warming Conditioning Cap

Hey Everyone,

If you haven't heard about Loc Appreciation Day, Lagos, 2014 then click here.

There's tons on my mind and I see this week being full of posts, Yaaaayi. Firstly, I'll start with a product review.

I noticed having a lot of split ends with my locs of late even though I have been moisturising and sealing my locs every other day. Deep conditioning appears to be the next solution to my dry-strands problem. Unfortunately, the thermal cap I ordered on Amazon  hasn't found it's way from the UK to Nigeria; so I found this "Self Warming Conditioning Cap" at Naija Hair Can Grow Salon Day Out and put it to test.

Conditioning agents
1. Shea Butter
2. Avocado Oil
3. Olive Oil

I damped my hair with water, took raw shea butter and rubbed between my palms to make it oily/dissolve the white-ish-ness of the butter, parted my hair into sections and gently massaged the butter in from the roots to the tips; repeated the process with coconut oil and Acavodo Oil.

Put on my the "Evolve Self-warming Conditioning Cap" went about the house doing other stuff for about two hours. Massaged my scalp through the cap to help penetration of the oils.

1. The inside of the cap felt considerably warmer than room temperature when I put my hand in after about a hour.
2. Of course No, my hair didn't build a steam.
3. My hair feels much much softer than before the steaming treatment.
4. It felt like my strands were really thirsty and soaked up all my conditioning agents, I didn't even bother to do a rinse 'cos there was no excess.
5. I properly would have achieved better results if I used it with a steamer or a hooded dryer.
6. The cap didn't tear, through my random head massage sessions.

For N1,200 the evolve cap is on the spectrum of being an OK product. The packaging didn't come with instructions. I assume that if used with heat the results would be much better. Lastly I'm happy that it is reusable, that way I get to enjoy the full worth of my money.

Don't forget, L.A.D is just around the corner, celebrate locs wherever you are, tell a friend and attend a meet up near you. Loc Appreciation Day Lagos, 2014 details below:

Monday, 9 June 2014

What I Got from Naija Hair Can Grow, Salon Day Out.

Hey beautiful people,

It's a lovely Monday morning after a fulfilling and exciting weekend and I want to quickly share want I got at Naija Hair Can Grow blogiversary (Yes there's such a word) and salon day out yesterday.

From Left to Right.
1. Savvy & Chic Satin Sleep Cap - N1000 - Sold by Savvy and Chic Hair/Beauty Hub
2. Evolve conditioning Cap - N1200 - Sold by Savvy and Chic Hair/Beauty Hub
3. Eldo's hair pins - N250 -Sold by Kinky Apothecary
4. Maybelline's Colossial Kaja - N1,200. - Sold by My MakeUp
N3,500 - Sold by Savvy and Chic.
I love, Naija Hair Can Grow Length Check Tees.
I wouldn't want to put pressure on my self checking whether or not my locs are growing, but for the love of blogging this is worth checking. (Length check post coming soon.)
Launched my Savvy and Chic sleep cap last night :)
Got a large sized one, my hair can be all over the place when it's not packed.
The cap was comfortable and didn't come come off.
Ongoing Session by My Make Up
Vendors at Naija Hair Can Grow Salon Day Out
Vendors at Naija Hair Can Grow Salon Day Out
Vendors at Naija Hair Can Grow Salon Day Out
Happy Attendees at Naija Hair Can Grow Salon Day Out

Mabel of Heritage Bank and I  being  Savvy and Chic
I enjoyed the day out even though there wasn't any information for us Loc Heads, I would be looking forward to fill in that blank at future events.

Congrats Dabs...

Have a great week everyone :)

Your Loc Head,


Wednesday, 4 June 2014

7 Reasons to Dye Your Locs!

Hey people,

I've been talking about dyeing my hair for the past couple of weeks, so maybe I'll just suck up my anxiety and get it done; not today though but hopefully before my next post. Anyway for now, I'm back with one of my sevens.

This seven has been the hardest list I've had to come up with, this insinuates that it may not be a good idea to dye your hair at all, but wait up there are some compelling reasons to do it anyway.

1. Cover up Lint.
Yep, before I realised that lint was a problem it already was a big problem for my locs. Lint is the tiny wooly strands of fabric that come off cloth, especially beddings, towels, wool.. e.t.c. If you don't protect your loc strands well enough they'll pick up lint; and when lint gets in it never gets out. It makes your hair seem unkempt and if you attempt picking them out you may weaken and or lose some hair strands.

Colouring your locs helps lint blend in ;). You wouldn't need to worry that you have goo sticking out from your updo.

2. It's cool and Funkie.
Need I say more? Colour is always funkie. Putting some colour on your locs helps put some funk in and of course some attitude.

3. To change your look
I've watched too many movies where the lady runs into a bathroom, gets some dye work, puts on a pair of glasses and BOOM!!! a new person is created, the police will never find you. So if you have some identity crisis, bored of the way you look or just looking to let that other personality out of the cage then go dye your locs.

4. It helps you pay attention to your hair
If you are well informed before your dye work then it's no news that dye BREAKS hair, nonetheless every girl deserves some cool, funk, change...and would definitely settle to dye at some point. If you have an ounce of love for your loc's you wouldn't help but feel the dry coarse nature of dyed hair and run to some moisture treatment.

5. To hide the greys or a previous colour
Black hair usually equates to a younger look for older persons who are turning grey. If your hair is trying to tell your age sooner than you are willing there's nothing wrong with some dye.

Also, imagine you dyed your hair turquoise blue or murky green and it didn't turn out quite as expected, there's nothing wrong with some more dye work.

6. It's an adventure.
There's a big risk with dying your hair, it may turn out great or you may turn out looking like an unfortunate cartoon character. That moment when you are expectant to see how your dye work turns out is worth the adventure.

7. Just because
This is the last of seven but trust me it's the most valid reason. In the end, I'm going to get a dye work soon and it's really a "just because" more than anything else. Even though, it'll definitely cover up lint in my hair, add some character and as a matter of fact I have started to look after my hair a bit more than before in preparation for my colour adventure.

So are you compelled to try some dye work?

Your Loc Head,