Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Locitude Feature on Hairvolution Magazine


In the spirit of reminiscing on 2015 even before it ends, here's another throw back from July this year. I met Seyi Allen of Hair'Volution magazine late last year. He came across a copy of the first edition of Locitude Magazine and immediately asked to meet and there I met another interesting Loc Head with a passion for all things hair. :).

I did a guest post on Hair'Volution Magazine's blog on the Evolution of  Black Hair, that was fun and then shortly after Loc Appreciation Day, 2015 I was asked to feature on their tweet meet series which holds every Tuesday on Twitter

I remember being a bit nervous as usual as no questions were asked before hand and I couldn't have ready made answers. Below is the transcript of most of the conversation and I indeed had fun with it.

Q: First, who is Ade Balogun?
A: Ade Balogun is many things, an Architect, blogger, founder of @locitude and a lover of life. I studied at the prestigious University of Lagos.

Q: Architect? We didn’t know that? Why did u leave it for the hair profession
A: I haven’t totally abandoned practice but it seems my hobby is giving me more fame

Q: And, what or who is Locitude
A: Locitude is a Nigerian platform for locs (dada) wearers, lovers, haters, enthusiasts and all #hairvolutionhairforum. It started out as ablog, now there is a loc studio, magazine and its fast becoming a soulful community.
Locitude has also hosted 2 loc appreciation day which is a world wide event.

Q: Yes we are getting to that. How did u gather the courage to host an international event like the Loc Appreciation Day in Nigeria
A: I thought to just try, maybe just 2 of my friends will come but as it turns Out #Godwin. #LAD is something to reckon

Q: Which came first, your locs or your locking profession
A: My locs came first. I only started styling locs last year.

Q: Before locs, name 5 different hairstyles you rocked and which was your favourite and why?
A: Braids, weaves, a perm, at some point baby curls. I loved carrying my own hair straight.

Q: That means you have long hair, how long?
A: Oh yes, my hair has never been this long my entire life. Let me find a picture.

Q: For the benefit of hair-ntrepreneurs, how much did u use to start your hair business, did u get a studio 1st or later
A: Hmmm, my studio is formally a week old, informally 6 months old. I didn’t plan on having a studio so I can’t say I was planning for it. My advise is just start. I started from where I lived and gradually moved to a weekend arrangement and now the studio has a more permanent location.

Q: It means it is true that locs is the best for our natural hair? But what of people who are scared of public perception
A: I won’t say locs are the best, I’ll say they are the truest form of African hair. if you know why you wear locs, public perception would never bother you, even on bad hair days.

Q: Lest we forget, what does hair mean to you?
A: Besides being that thing that grows on my head, my hair reflects what’s inside me.

Q: As you are a lochead, what does it reflect of whats inside u?
A: Freedom! I am a free soul, open-minded, ready to explore and appreciate life. The good things mostly.

Q: Time for price-check. What is the least and highest one can spend on locs? Bearing in mind that the location in sabo is different from the islander?
A: Lol. Anywhere from 1,500 – 12,000 depending on where you go

Q: We hear u’ve launched your locs product, please introduce them to us.
A: I’m yet to have my own range of locs products. I use, promote and sell Jamaican mango and Lime products. I also love the proudly Nigerian brand @namasteorganics. They have a lovely conditioning shampoo and a growth oil I love.

Q: We were going to ask about your passion for styling, seems to us like it could even be more than for locs. Now that we know you are an architect.
A: Lol, Yes I am sure my education in symmetry and design makes it easier for me to replicate styles. I started out styling my own hair and posting photos on IG. Friends asked me to help style theirs and now it’s a business

Q: Stranded on an island, which hair product would you never do without?
A: I guess the island would have what I need most – water. Coconut oil would be good to have when all is gone

Q: We invite you to say to the faux locheads what you said in your blog.
A: Lol, the faux loc thing was just for humour. I respect everyone’s hair decision and I am happy people appreciate locs enough to want to get a faux locs.

Q: Had you learnt how to loc hair then, how long does it take to learn?
A: 3 months of constant practice and the average person should get it

Q: You actually make locs so beautiful that we are tempted to consider rocking them.
A: That’s the spirit. All you need to do is call on us and you’ll be loc’d

Q: I saw the info about coconut oil in Locitude mag. Please expantiate. What makes coconut oil best for our hair?
A: Coconut oil has antioxidants in it. So it helps moisturize your scalps if need be

Q: Thank you so much @locitude. We love U so much, we don’t feel like letting you go. For our forum-ers who still want to ask you more, give details.
A: Awwwwww  so soon. I can be reached on IG nd FB @Locitude, blog email:

Q: Last before we go, whats next for Locitude?
A: The 2nd edition of our Loc workshop and stylist competition. It comes up in October. Last year the winner won a trip to Dubai.
Thanks so much for the opportunity. I enjoyed this. See you at the top and hope to be featured again. #hairvolutionhairforum.

Hair'Volution Magazine went on to host @Asha Mandela sometime in September, Asha Mandela is the woman with the longest locs in the world and hold a Guinness Book of World Record for it. 

Not sure I have ever mentioned this to Seyi or his partners; I love their platform as it embraces all healthy hair :) I am happy to have been able to stand as a voice for Loc Heads. Find Hair'volution on the web:, on twitter @hairvolutionmag and on Instagram @hairvolutionmagazine

Ok people, "serious hunger is catching me" and if I don't post this now before I say Jack Robinson it would be 2016 and I would start looking for how to change the tenses to present tense, 

Always remember to keep it Loc'd with an Attitude.

Your Loc Head,