Saturday, 23 August 2014

7 Locitude #LocInspiration Hair Styles for Short Locs.

Hello Loc Heads,

This one is obviously for fellow loc heads in the awkward phase of their locs. The awkward phase is usually sometime around Day 1 - Year 2; when your head is full of scalp after a fresh re-twist and your locs seem too scanty, when your hair unravels after a fresh re-twist before you say can say Jack Robinson; when you think water is your worst enemy because it's preventing your locs from forming; when you are having a bad hair day and you feel like - Oh God if only I could get my hair into a ponytail it would do. I can go on and on... but instead I present you with 7 Style Ideas for short locs.

#LocInspiration no. 1: Loc loops or Loc petals.
Reminds me of a cropped hair cut, this style looks classy and elegant. Can be worn to
an event. It's also neat and can help with a more serious/subtle look.
#LocInspiration no. 2: Pinned Up side.
Even though it is just pinning up one side of your locs, it always make a difference.
A touch Style. You can use hair pins or make one or more flat twist on the side of your locs
to achieve this look.
#LocInspiration no. 3: Accessorize
Accessories alone add style to baby locs, a hair band with a big bow on the side
can help distract eyes from your locs when you are in-between re-twists.
#LocInspiration no. 4: Curly locs,
Yes you can get pipe cleaners in your baby/short locs too.
The good news is that your hair dries faster and the look is equally fabulous.

##LocInspiration no. 5: Credit: Tanita Fadyeyola
 Bantu Knots.
Beauty of the hairstyle is that it is a twofer. Once you let the knots down you get
nice wavy curls.
Flat Twist into a Patewo Updo
Always works.

#LocInspiration no. 7: Curly up do

Just had to add this one of me.
Sometimes you just have to let those locs down and rock them with a big old smile and some attitude :)
One year old baby locs - Picture by Dolapo James of
I was motivated by a couple of Locitude readers/followers to do this one. If you try any of these styles don't forget to rock those locs with an attitude, take a selfie and tag us on facebook, instagram or twitter - We are @Locitude.

+ It was my birthday last Tuesday :), didn't have time to do anything special to my locs :(. It was a fantastic day all together. launched, work wasn't too hectic on that day, tons of birthday wishes, prayers, and a surprise - ish dinner parry. I'll be sure to say some more and share a couple of pictures in that much procrastinated post on the new accessories I got a while back.

Happy weekend everyone.

Your loc head,