Friday, 12 September 2014

Hair How To: Loc Loops/Petals in 4 easy steps.


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I'm obviously excited, payments for my shipment on brand new dada products stock has finally gone through (It is not easy to be a Nigerian #That'sAll), now waiting for the products to get here. I hope it doesn't take forever. I found this FREE accounting app called waves app, which is helping keep my spend together. I usually get excited when I learn new stuff, so yaaaayi. Seems this hobby is becoming a business sooner than I imagined. Sorry back to the Loc loop Tutorial...

Step 1: Select two strands of locs close to each other.
(You can use only one strand of loc only or 3-4 depending on how thick your locs are)
Step 2: Take the ends of your strands, fold them towards the roots
making a loop
Step 3: Fasten the base of the loop with a tiny rubber band. Make sure it's not too tight.
Step 4: Style to your taste using hair pins.
4 Easy steps to loc loops.
This post has actually been sitting in my draft since last Friday X_X. #ThankGodit'sAnotherFriday #TGIAF. I'm actually home resting, recovering from a flu and probably stress. The photoshoot was much fun, but I think the results can be better, so planning a reshoot. The products got in much faster than I expected. To see the full range of what the Locitude has in stock, visit and click on products. 

More on the The Loc Workshop and Stylist Competition coming in a few days. The Magazine is also coming in October and watch this space for Product reviews of the Jamaican Mango & Lime products, Aunty Angela's Homemade coconut oil, Mamado essential oils and more which the Locitude carries.

#HaveAGreatWeekend #OkBye #InTheMoodForHashTags.

Your Loc Head,