Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The Locitude Studio!!!


This post is long long long overdue, but there's no better way to officially open the Studio for the year without writing about it, so here we are. Where do I start? There's no time like the present, So let's start from now.

All new Locitude Studio.
The Locitude Studio is one of several arms of the Locitude Empire (Community - Empire was just too tempting to say). It is currently my favorite part and where I spend most of my time. Locitude Studio is mostly fun and the meeting point of loc heads. The best part of the Studio are the people who come through, everyone is unique, special, down to earth and ready to mingle.

Besides being a fun place we offer loc care services, we help you get started on your loc journey and help you groom them healthily to maturity.

Locitude Studio!


Open Hours:
Tues - Fridays: 10am - 7pm
Saturdays: 9am - 6pm

Services offered:
Loc Consultation
Starter Locs
Loc Maintenance (Wash, Re-twist and Style)
Loc repair
Loc Colour
Hot Oil Treatment
Comb Curls
Microlocs Re-tightening

Appointment Bookings:


Locitude Studio.
Now, let me go all grandma on you and tell you a little story about how the Locitude studio started... I'll try to keep it short. Sometime, mid 2014, I was contacted by a Secondary School mate, Dominica to help her with pipe cleaner curls just like the ones I had done for myself and posted on social media. I sent her links to the YouTube videos I had used but she insisted and became my first paying customer.

By December of 2014 I had one handful of clients but figured I could make something out of this whole Hair Dressing thingy. In January of 2015, I rented a short let apartment on the weekends only for 6 months and then started taking weekend appointments, moving the bed out and putting in plastic chairs while carrying salon equipment in the back of my car. By April, I was working 7 days a week, 5 days at my day job and 2 days at the make shift studio. In May I quit my day job to fabricate furniture (this never really happened) and maybe continue this hair thing on the side. By July, 2015 I rented a tiny tiny space that was approximately the size of a really spacious elevator on Eti-Osa road in Dolphin Estate and by December of that year it was obvious we needed to move.

In 2016, we moved to a much bigger space using everything I had, support from family and friends and faith. The recession hit, the Naira lost value, the studio had Newspapers on the store front for months unend. I never wanted to write about it, because it wasn't where I needed it to be yet; but everyone who came accepted us for where we were in our journey and encouraged us to forge ahead. Today, I'm happy I can write about this place.

Trust me that was the short version.

I'm grateful to every single person who has in one way or the other contributed to who we are today as Locitude. If there's anything I've learnt it's the value of people, collaboration, openness, humility and just taking one step at a time. So hope you stop by sometime soon. xoxo!

Your Loc Head,
For #TeamLocitude