Tuesday, 31 January 2017

KUI Care Sample Party and Leave-In- Conditioning-Mist Product review

Hello Peeps,

Yes, I know I'm doing good with updating the blog regularly, thank you, thank you, no photographs, no autographs in short no graphs, I'm just trying hard to score high on my performance review tomorrow. Hehehe.... ok on to serious matters, you might be wondering what KUI Care is, if you don't already know, let me tell you.

KUI Care is a proudly Made In Nigeria hair product range specifically for natural hair. I was opportuned  to attend a sample party for said product hosted by Savvy And Chic Hair Beauty Hub early December 2016 and it was a pleasure to meet Majiri Otobo, the creator of KUI Care. Gosh! she has such a winning personality and I will go ahead to famz her here just like I did at the party. We are birthday mates and both our mothers are Ijaw :) In other words we are sisters. Dabs of Naija Hair Can Grow blog captured excerpts and pictures of the entire event and you can read all about it here.

Even though KUI wasn't created for Locs and even though locs are really just natural hair... ok let's not complicate things, I just would like to introduce you to my favourite KUI product and let you know what it can do for locs - KUI Tea-Tree & Cinnamon Leave-In Conditioning Mist.
The above product is advertised to keep hair Soft, Long and Healthy. I have used in my hair since December 2016 till date every other day and I can attest to it's conditioning properties, my locs are soft and nicer to touch. As for the length part there's no way to measure that, so I can't promise you growth. My biggest draw to the product is it's smell. I love love love! If that's what a mix of Tea-Tree and Cinnamon smell like I may as well use it as perfume, lol.

When your locs are properly moisturised they are in a healthy state as they are less prone to breakage from dryness and manipulation. In my last two posts on Loc Length Retention, I mentioned to think moisture, KUI leave-In mist is an easy solution to that. The number one content of the product is water. If you are thinking DIY and wondering what kind of water to oil mixture will be enough, KUI Leave-In is a good alternative to quench your worries.

My verdict.

Function: Excellent
Smell: Awesomely Excellent
Feeling: Excellent
Consistency: Excellent

Overall I'll give KUI Leave-In Conditioning Mist a 9.7/10 just because there's always room for improvement. As you can already tell I love this product and this is my honest, unsolicited, unpaid opinion. I must also say I am proud that it is Made In Nigeria by a Nigerian. if you decide to buy this product it won't be because it is to support our own it would be because it is a damn good product.

Majiri has also done a good job in making KUI accessible Nationwide in Nigeria and I think you can purchase worldwide too.  Check out the KUIcare Website for more deets.

I just had a heavy lunch and sleep is catching me, so at this point I will exercise my CEO rights and take a quick nap to rejuvenate my brain. :)

Till Later,

Your Loc Head

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