Friday, 23 February 2018

Long Locs Problems!

Hello World,

February is about ending and I hope you are all kicking a$$ in 2018 already. This year has been interesting, upbeat and fast paced on my end. I guess this is how you begin to see life when you get older. In the meantime, the sun in Lagos is scorching as expected for this time of the year and my mid-back-length locs are becoming a bother, hence the inspiration for this post. I promise not cutting them off just yet. I'm just here to complain about my beautiful long locs which I love and tell you how I am coping with all this hair :D.

1. It's getting heavy.

With my recent (constant) pursuit of weight loss, I can bet that my locs are the cause of the extra 2kg on the 12kg I intend to loose by the end of the year. Whilst my locs are still a decent, relatable weight when they are dry, it's a different story when they are wet or packed in certain ways. A low bun can sometimes feel like there's a cute puppy hanging on my head.

2. The Heat

I am actually one of those people who likes to wear my hair in a ponytail but 5 mins in Balogun market under the Lagos sun and I'm looking for anyway to get my locs off my neck and back. These are the moments when I ask myself  "who send me?".

3. Styling

I know you must be thinking oh please your styling options endless, but infact therein lies the problem, half the time I spoilt for choice so I end up with the most reliable style there is - The Ponytail. Unfortunately the heat brings me back to the point where I'm thinking of what style to do. It's a cycle. #Phew!

4. Eating my Hair.

I have ended up with the ends of my hair in my food countless times. I know it sounds gross but it happens. :|. Don't ask me how.

5. Leaving my locs behind.

Yep, sometimes my locs just can't keep up. For instance when I'm dancing salsa my locs get trapped in my partner's watch mid spin, thereby pulling me back and causing confusion. Other times, when sharing couch or bed and I try to get up, I tend to leave my locs behind with someone resting on them. This can be painful and frustrating.

6. Takes forever to dry.

I miss those days when I could get under the shower, run water through my locs, towel dry and be on my way. These days I have to have a plan around when I wash and the activities I will engage in 24 hours after, else you will find me walking around town with a wet patch on my back and a cold. Yes there's the drier option which I avoid like a plague and even that takes time.

7. Still have Length goals

I have always have this dream to take a mami water (water goddess) looking picture with me rising out of the Atlantic with my locs as my top covering. My locs are currently playing catch up with my boobs... So despite my rant on long hair problems, I still want longer hair.

Here's a picture from the gram, with my locs in loops. This was my solution to getting my locs off my back and out of my way when I ran a 10k race in the recent Lagos City Marathon. (of course I finished). The style lasted a whole week, before I started carving for my ponytail.

Alright, this was fun. I tell myself I should write more and I really should.

Till my next post.

Your Loc Head,

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