Friday, 23 May 2014

What's With The Hair Religion?

Hey Peeps,

Let me warn you, there may be a few rants in here, hopefully, I'll control my temper/ amusement/ disgust. I'm fairly new to this social media /blog atmosphere on giving a damn about hair, so before I get infected with the "Hair Religion" syndrome I have to put it all out there. It's been less than two months since I started blogging about my hair and my curious quest to find what else is out there has led me to see groups of people who display occultic behaviour, all in the name of hair. S**t be crazy!!!

Firstly, hair apparently has different categories of curls similar to bra sizes except that they have single digits. Your hair curl type determines the type of products you use or more like the cult you join.

Interestingly, this wahala* can be associated with the new fad of going natural (With all due respect to Nigerian ladies who have been natural since forever without making a fuss about it). All of a sudden loose natural hair has become the new cool and every other girl is on a journey of becoming a regime/product junkie.

My beef lies with all those who have streamlined being natural to wearing hair in loose natural form and making it seem like they fought for independence from the west, "kilode, no be only una get natural hair o"**.

Here's my opinion on what natural hair is:

1. Hair that grows from one's head.
2. That's all

Yep, all I'm saying is that whether your hair is loose natural, permed, loc'ed, type 4C or 2A as long as it is from your head it is as natural as the sun.
Relaxed sister, Dabs. Source

Loose Natural Hair Sister. Source
Loc'ed sister Ade of Locitude.

Let's stop forming holier than thou. A ton of so called natural hair babes wear extensions in form of weaves and braids, so this doesn't make you better or more natural than a lady who has chosen relaxers.

To be fair no hair type is easy to maintain or keep healthy. The permed haired girl would  have to face the sting of relaxers and or texlaxers, the trouble of dealing with two different textures before a retouch. The loose natural faces a potential bad hair day every other day and the loc'ed sister faces about a year of the awkward phase and the risk of being unemployable in some companies.

In all of this I haven't mentioned my own hair type too much, we Dada's (loc heads) are mostly non existent to the majority of Nigerians especially when we don't look mad. Most people can't believe my journey of four and a half years is my hair, instead of crucifying them and locking them out of Loc Kingdom, I proudly offer a "touch my hair" inspection to proof the naturalism of my hair.

Shout out to Dabs of Dabs has been blogging hair care for over 4 years, she's permed and no less natural than any of us with unprocessed hair. As a matter of fact the best hair advice (moisturise and seal) I have gotten since I started scouring the internet was from her blog.

So, all ye loose naturals who are freaking out on your forums, GET A GRIP. Hair is a choice, stop discriminating, it's as good as being racist. Embrace all hair types and lets all root for promoting healthier hair.

In the end, hair matters but "WE ARE NOT OUR HAIR".

My thoughts...


* Wahala - Nigerian pidgin english for the word Trouble.
** kilode, no be only una get natural hair o - You are not the only ones with natural hair.

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