Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Loc Tools, Accessory, and Moisture and Seal Treatment.

Hey everyone,

Oh yes, I did receive my Amazon order that I was ranting about last week but I wasn't so happy because the item I was looking forward to the most didn't come yet. I feel like I got desserts without a main dish, :(.

Anyway, the other items are my little soldiers which I had to round up, so I'm prepared to re-create any styles I find on the internet. If you ever wanted to do a DIY on your locs below are essential Hair tools you should have in your Loc Tool Kit.

1. Bobby Pins.
Bobby Pins (Hair Pins) are a life saver, they are very useful for styling and holding your locs in place; also very easy to use and can be discreet. They are my number one essentials and are useful for all lengths of Locs.
Set of 250 Bobby Pins.
 2. Butterfly Clamps
I find this useful for sectioning Locs especially while re-twisting or styling as it helps you get some of your hair out of the way whilst focusing on another part.

Set of 12 Butterfly Clamps
 3. Stretchy Ponytail Band
Also another hair essential especially when your locs have some length; be it for holding up your hair while doing some house chores on a Saturday or for holding up a bun or ponytail. Remember not to use too tightly.

Set of 20 Stretchy Ponytail Bands
4. Tiny Rubber Bands
I have been unable to style my hair in a twist out because I didn't have this tiny bands, they are also very discreet and can be left in, when wearing styles like the loc petals/loops, braids or twists. Remember again, never use tightly.

Set of 100 Rubber Bands
 5. Setting Clips.
With this one I feel like I'm going pro ;). I bought this so I can do a DIY re-twist, salon style.

Pack of 100 styling clips.
 6. Spiral Pearl Accessory
To be completely honest this accessory looked cute, that's why I bought it. Not sure how I'm going to use it without looking like a bridesmaid.
Spiral Pearl Accessory
 Mission moisturise and seal.
The other items in my order that haven't come yet are a thermal cap which I was going to use for a couple of deep conditioning treatments before I dye my hair and a spray can. I had to improvise, in order to start treating my hair for some moisture. After reading a handful of material on locs, natural hair and this article on naija-hair-can-grow, I have decided that moisturise and seal is the way to go.

Here's a summary of my deductions:

1. Not to leave your locs thirsty - Water is your friend.
2. Oil is not a moisturiser - It is more of a sealant.

So I converted an old body spray can into my mixing bottle and mixed my self a little concoction, and got myself going on a little science experiment.

Caption From Right to Left.
1. Avocado Oil, purchased here in Nigeria at Savvy & Chic Hair and Beauty Hub.
2. Extra Virgin Olive oil - Purchased at a local pharmacy.
3. Coconut Oil - Cooked by my Aunt, Angela
4. The concoction - mostly water and a few drops of all the oils above.

Before taking the above picture, I had done some rigorous shaking of the concoction bottle and as you can see the water settles at the bottom whilst the oils seal the top of the container. I have been using this concoction daily for a week and my hair feels great, nourished and not-thirsty. Note that all the oils are very light and water makes up about 98% of the mixture, so even when I put my hands in locs they don't feel greasy. I'll definitely be continuing mission moisturise and seal even after my soon to come dye work.

For the moisturise and seal treatment. Water = Moisturiser and Oil = Sealant. I believe both ingredients behave the same way whilst in the bottle and in your locs. Water soaks into the bottom of your locs moisturising them whilst the oil seals the top and stops the moisture from evaporating, leaving your hair succulent and nourished.

If you ever want to try this, you can choose whichever essential oils you want, shake your mix rigorously before spraying, make sure your spray can gives a mist type spray. You can spray in morning and night before going to bed or before styling.

So there, it is for today. Before I end this note here's what my locs are looking like at the moment. Rocking it with an attitude! :)

:) The Janelle Monae/Rosie the Riveter inspired Pompadour
I recreated this look with the help of youtuber - Patience Edet. Watch her tutorial below (Note there's a make up tutorial in the most part of the how to video, Pompadour tutorial starts at 9:53)

#Phew, some long post.

Your Loc Head,

Please note that this 100% opinionated and about my hair, choose whatever works best for you. You are free to agree, disagree or share your own thoughts and hair regimes.