Sunday, 11 May 2014

Loc Appreciation Day, Lagos 2014 - More Details

Hello there,

I'm really excited, so so excited that I hope to give away all the information in my head without getting distracted. I'm going to try to calm down, sit with my back against the chair and share what Loc Appreciation Day is all about.

Loc Appreciation Day (L.A.D) is an initiative of youtuber Qochemist conceived in 2011; it's is simply a day set aside to appreciate locs. L.A.D is celebrated every 4th Saturday in June. It serves as an opportunity for Loc Heads to share in on there hair journeys, maintenance tips, find the right products for locs and most of all celebrate our crowns.

L.A.D 2014 will be the fourth year anniversary of this very interesting and easy to catch-onto initiative and I'm very happy to be hosting a meet up in Lagos, Nigeria. Loc Heads in London, Boston, New York, Altanta and Conneticut will be meeting up too. It's worldwide baby!!!!

What to expect from L.A.D Lagos.

- A short video - "What are Locs?"
- Panel discussion featuring Locitude, Celebrity loctician/hair dresser Jatto, and a loc sister with waist long locs.
- Vendors with loc products you would never have been able to find in Lagos.
- Maintenance tips
- Styling tips
- DIY tutorials
- Product tips
- Giveaways
- more, more and more.

The event promises to be packed with information and loc excitement like never before.

I'm guilty of starting a loc conversation with every Loc Head I come across, L.A.D 2014 is the place to have the conversation we've all been longing for.

One last thing, for all the creatives out there you can participate in the L.A.D 2014 Logo Contest. Submissions have to be made before the 19th of May, 2014. Watch embedded video below for details.

Save the Date and Be there!!!

Official Sponsor - Savvy & Chic Hair/Beauty Hub, see what they have to say about L.A.D. Lagos 2014 here.

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 Loc Appreciation Day Atlanta, 2014

Loc Appreciation Day, London 2014

Loc Appreciation Day, Connecticut
Loc Apprection Day, New York City, 2014
Loc Appreciation Day, Boston, 2014