Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Multi-Purpose Hair Band - Loc Accessory.

Found this awkward hair accessory/band/scarf at Max - Palms Shopping Mall, Lagos the other day and bought two at N500 each. A black one and blue leopard printed one. So far I'll call them my best max buys of 2014 yet.

I use them in three different ways.

1. Lint Protector/ Night scarf.

2. Hair Band

3. Ponytail/Bun holder.

The instructions on the packaging give more ideas on how to use.

It's made from 100% Polyester, nice and stretchy. So far so good, it's an amazing buy for N500 only. I love!

Planing to dye my locs soon, but first I would embarking on some deep conditioning regimes to ensure my locs are properly moisturised. It's not news that Dye drys hair and may cause breakage, hence my attempt on preventive maintenance as opposed to corrective.

I bought some hair accessories and tools for to aid my "moisture treatment" plan. Will be sure to put them up once they arrive.

Till later. Keep it loc'ed with an attitude ;)

You Loc Head