Sunday, 29 June 2014

"Wetin Be Locs (Dada) Sef?" & LAD Collaboration Videos.

Hello Everyone,

I'm probably just recovering from the adrenaline of Loc Appreciation Day, Lagos which held yesterday. The rain almost gave me hypertension, my God; for those who are in Lagos if I say it rained lions and elephants out of the sky, I won't be exaggerating.

However, enough loc heads and loc lovers were determined ,despite the rain and puddles on Raymond Njoku to make it to LADLagos and to everyone I say a big THANK YOU.

Whilst waiting for the official pictures (hopefully they come in tomorrow) I thought it nice to share the "Wetin be Locs Sef?" video by  and the LAD collaboration videos.

Wetin Be Locs Sef? - By Battabox

LAD Collaboration Video 2014 by Knot Locks

LAD Collaboration Video 2014 by LockedLooneyTune

LAD Collaboration Video 2014 by Ibyl - Click here.

I made it into the LAD collaboration video by LockedLooneyTune. :) To participate in LAD collaboration videos next year like the official Loc Appreciation Day facebook page for details or follow my blog by putting in your email in the sidebar.

Hope you've enjoyed this Video upload, more post LAD updates coming soon + every loc head is asked why did you decide to get locs? I'll be doing a why I got locs post soon. Stay tuned and keep rocking your locs with an attitude.

Your Loc Head,