Monday, 16 June 2014

Product Review: Evolve Self Warming Conditioning Cap

Hey Everyone,

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There's tons on my mind and I see this week being full of posts, Yaaaayi. Firstly, I'll start with a product review.

I noticed having a lot of split ends with my locs of late even though I have been moisturising and sealing my locs every other day. Deep conditioning appears to be the next solution to my dry-strands problem. Unfortunately, the thermal cap I ordered on Amazon  hasn't found it's way from the UK to Nigeria; so I found this "Self Warming Conditioning Cap" at Naija Hair Can Grow Salon Day Out and put it to test.

Conditioning agents
1. Shea Butter
2. Avocado Oil
3. Olive Oil

I damped my hair with water, took raw shea butter and rubbed between my palms to make it oily/dissolve the white-ish-ness of the butter, parted my hair into sections and gently massaged the butter in from the roots to the tips; repeated the process with coconut oil and Acavodo Oil.

Put on my the "Evolve Self-warming Conditioning Cap" went about the house doing other stuff for about two hours. Massaged my scalp through the cap to help penetration of the oils.

1. The inside of the cap felt considerably warmer than room temperature when I put my hand in after about a hour.
2. Of course No, my hair didn't build a steam.
3. My hair feels much much softer than before the steaming treatment.
4. It felt like my strands were really thirsty and soaked up all my conditioning agents, I didn't even bother to do a rinse 'cos there was no excess.
5. I properly would have achieved better results if I used it with a steamer or a hooded dryer.
6. The cap didn't tear, through my random head massage sessions.

For N1,200 the evolve cap is on the spectrum of being an OK product. The packaging didn't come with instructions. I assume that if used with heat the results would be much better. Lastly I'm happy that it is reusable, that way I get to enjoy the full worth of my money.

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