Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Hair How To: Barrel Roll Updo. The Locitude Version.

Hey Beautiful People,

I can't help but remain in an up-beat mode. L.A.D. is around the corner, there's still tons to do to make sure everything is intact however the idea of L.A.D makes me so so happy. Ooopss! I'm beginning to go off track. The Updo.

I posted the below picture of a gorgeous loc'd sister with a beautiful updo on Locitude Instagram and Facebook pages and got a comment saying "That must have taken forever" and I thought to myself - "challenge accepted!!!"

Of course, with the help of Google and my good friend Chescalocs (I've watched too many of her videos, I feel like we are best friends ;p), I came up with the Locitude version.

Barrel rolled locs, just before styling.

Parted my hair into 8 sections, Barrel rolled and styled taking a cue from Chesca's video embedded below. 

My hair is only about half the length of Chesca's and probably a quarter of the length of the first picture so I didn't have much hair to play with when I was styling. Here are my results.

I have been wearing this hair do since Sunday evening. Just like Chesca said in her video, I sleep in a scarf and it's pretty comfortable. Also took me only half an hour to get it done. It didn't take forever. :).

Locs are truly versatile and you can pretty much do anything you want to do with them. Fortunately there's so much information out there. Get Loc Educated and add some attitude to your Loc journey.

That's it for today. Making a few last minute confirmations for L.A.D and planning a preview post. I promised it was a packed week and it definitely is. If you still don't know about L.A.D click here.

Till later,

Your Loc Head