Monday, 16 February 2015

Hair How To: Ribbon (Zigzag) Curls on Locs

Hello Y'all,

Hope you had a stress-less Monday, I was in a mood for the most part of my Monday after staying awake till 3am this morning, battling with removing the pipe cleaners from my locs. I don't mean to scare you before showing you how to but just so you know; you may want to have some help around before you do a full DIY of this style. I'm not joking!

What you need.
1. Medium to Long Length of locs (Damp from after a wash or moistened with water + essential oils in a spray can)

What I did.
1. I used two pipe cleaners for two strands of locs.
2. Bent pipe cleaners into two equal halves down the middle
3. Twisted the roots of my locs.
4. Hooked the already bent pipe cleaners on the twist strands of locs.
5. Wrapped my locs around the pipe cleaners in a zigzag manner. (Note not to bend the pipe cleaners)
6. Bend left over bits of the pipe cleaners upwards when done wrapping so it stays.
7, Wait for locs to dry. (Air dry or under a dryer)
8. Take out pipe cleaners by unraveling them from the pipe cleaners. (Pulling from the top was a nightmare)
9. Style to fit.
10. Rock them locs with an attitude.

Incase all the grammar above is confusing. Just watch the video below, forgive my confused eyebrows, lisp and totally un-made face. I woke up like that. Haha!

It took about 3 hours to get the pipe cleaners all in. I was partially distracted watching How to get away with murder, Scandal and Selfie, pretty much all at the same time. X_X.

Taking out the pipe cleaners took even longer. It took me about 4 hours, but this was between laziness, tiredness and wishful thinking that maybe if I prayed hard enough they will all miraculously fall out. I had to unravel my locs one after the other taking care not to destroy the curls I was trying to achieve.

In the end, it was very well worth it. I love, love, love the finished look. What do you think?

Just realised I have no pictures of the back of my hair, I haven't seen the back myself. I have my locs all up in a satin bonnet right now ready for bed, trying to make up for lost sleep last night, so no more energy for selfie's. I'll definitely take some before the week runs out. Instagram will be the best place to find updates, so you know what to do, follow me if you aren't :)

I'll recommend the ribbon curls anytime, I feel more comfortable in them than in the sprially pipe cleaner curls.

I don try. Good night peeps.

Your Loc Head.