Wednesday, 18 February 2015

What Real Loc Heads Feel About Faux Locs.

Disclaimer: This post doesn't declare war on those who choose to wear faux locs, think of it just as a matter of beef. + Don't read if you have misplaced your sense of humor.


Seems like I'm on a roll, this is my 4th post in the month of February, I'm so so so so loving this. Look who's getting her groove back. Valentines must have been a blast for me, don't ask how X_X. 

Yes I know faux locs are so 2014 however, I'm in the mood for some controversy, since we are in the season of controversy with the Nigerian Elections coming in March (hopefully it's not postponed again). You may want to view this as an APC vs PDP post. Haha! Before I go into it, I must say that I never really gave Faux locs much thought until I had a conversation with +Omotayo Oshodi sometime last year and now I have an opinion. I"ll be speaking on behalf of a majority of real loc heads who happen to be the minority in this business.

Picture source - Real vs Faux 
The Journey 
Locs are often referred to as a journey, one which you have to consultant your mind, body, soul, employer and family members before you start it. For some it's spiritual, a show of rebellion, making a statement to damn all the consequences in life or it's a form of identity, one that you have to live through and not just get in 2 - 12 hours. Come on, it took me one year of awkwardness and 5 years to grow 9" of hair. So Yes real loc heads beef you with faux locs.

Bold.... Really?
Now don't go feeling gangster and sh*t cos you got hooked up with some Marley hair. That doesn't make you Rasta or my loc sister or brother, so don't look at me from a distance and nod in acknowledgment of our hair status. For you it's just a fad. For me it's the real deal, by the way I'm not gangster sha and never call me Rasta and Yes real loc heads still beef you with faux locs.

Hair advice..... Come on?
I just told you we are not on the same side, so don't ask me what shampoo I use or what conditioner to use or what I do when I go for a swim. Don't ask me what to do to dye your locs the perfect blonde, just buy colour 22 extensions and run along. Just don't ask me for hair advice and Yes real loc heads still beef you faux locs very much.

Of course... we know the Difference.
We know the difference, we can see through you. It is just not the same. Don't bother getting comfortable in that hair, you can try to confuse us for a minute if it's done really well but we can still see right through you. The closer it looks to locs the more beef we have for your faux locs head.

Ok ok, now that I'm done venting it's really not that serious. I have always been one to respect peoples choices, whether you choose to wear your hair loose natural, loc'd, relaxed, in a weave or gorimapa (skin cut) it's your choice and you shouldn't have to explain it to anyone.

Besides all the celebrities who have been rocking faux locs have just increased popularity for us real loc heads and also the acceptance of locs as an hairstyle. So one love y'all. I leave you with pictures of  some sisters in faux locs. 

Dabs of Savvy and Chic - source

Nikki Minaj in  Faux Blonde locs - Source

Ciara in Faux locs - Source

Rihanna in Faux locs - Source
More than anything I hope you see the humor in this more than the beef. We are NOT our hair.

Rock them locs with an attitude, doesn't matter if they are real or faux.

Your REAL loc head,