Sunday, 15 February 2015

My First Length Check - 100% Nigerian Hair (Locs)

Hello Fellas,

So excited to be writing a new post. Learning to make Sunday's my me days and today has really worked out well even though I've spent most of it treating my locs and my belly too X_X. It's been 5years and a couple of months since this journey started and I'm so glad I'm gone past those days where I felt like my hair wasn't growing at all. I am now at that point where I feel like it is growing sha but not growing fast enough.

Length check - 5years +
Locitude, Ade Balogun

I got the Length check tee at one of Naija Hair Can Grow’s Salon Day Out some time back. If you want to try out the Length check tee reach out to Dabs on Instagram or Facebook - @naijahaircangrow

The picture above is me today the 15th of February, 2015 and I just had a wash with Jamaican Mango and Lime TingleShampoo, Conditioned with the Protein Shampoo. My hair was still damp when I took the picture and as you can see the longest strand is just a tad bit over the 10" mark. Yaaaaaaaaayi. However for the record, I'll stick to saying my locs are about 9" long.

Whilst I’m very happy with my length, texture and body of my locs it would be interesting to see how much longer it grows in another 6 months.  I am so looking forward to the day when I’ll be rocking my drawing board flat tummy and will be spotted on the beach with locs long enough to replace my bikini… Hahaha – Dreams come true.

It is very important to note that I have taken better care of my locs this past year than I did in the first four years. Contrary to what many say and think my locs have been low maintenance and low cost, especially because I have been doing them myself.  In my experience so far, I can tell you for free that with locs it’s really not about what you put in your hair, it more about what stays out.


Alrighty, its almost mid night and I have to battle with the pipe cleaners in my locs before bed. This week or maybe two I’ll be rocking the ribbon curls with an attitude… follow me on Instagram, facebook and twitter for real time updates @locitude.


Your Loc Head,