Sunday, 22 February 2015

How I Keep My Loc Curls in Check - The 3 step process.

Hey y'all,

Today was a good me day, got to hang out with my friends from way back. I was so so so glad I did. It was much fun and I am still rocking my locs in zigzag curls with an attitude. Just thought to drop a quick one on how I have maintained my locs for a whole week without loosing them.

Rocking my Zigzag curls, one week in. Wore them down the whole time.

Here's my simple 3 step process.

1. The Satin Bonnet
Sleep in a Satin bonnet or Scarf. The primary reason for this is to retain moisture and ensure your locs are not picking up lint from your beddings. The added advantage is that is helps to retain your curls when you are asleep as well. :)

2. The Shower Cap + Tee Shirt
Take a bath/shower in a shower cap. reinforced with a tee shirt. Yep, if you are trying to retain your curls water isn't your friend. Once water touches your loc curls they are gone. So I use a tee shirt to hold my shower cap up to ensure I don't get water on my locs especially while trying to wash the back of my neck.

Loc curls in a shower cap.

Loc curls in a shower cap + tee, you see the back is raised a bit higher than when I had only a shower cap on.

3. The Oil
 Spray in any oils of your choice to retain moisture and shine. The best moisturising agent is water, so since we are keeping water out of loc curl retention, I spritz my hair down with a bit of Jamaican Mango and Lime Sproil oil every other day. Sproil oil has menthol in it so I like the feeling on my scalp; it also keeps my locs fresh and shinny. You can always use any essential oils of your choice.

Here's a back view of my my locs.

Very simple and easy. No stress. I follow a similar routine when my locs at not in curls; the only difference is that i don't reinforce the shower cap with a tee shirt and I spritz my hair down with water + essential oils almost daily.

If you missed how I got my zigzag curls click here.

Here's to a lovely and fruitful week ahead.

Xoxo. Your Loc Head.