Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Dust, Cobwebs and The Reality of An Entrepreneur.

Hello Peeps,

Is anyone out there?... Anybody home??... I do hope some of this blog's old timers are out there reading as I'm about to clean out the dust and cobwebs in here. I can give as many excuses as possible, but none good enough as to why I have continually abandoned my dear Locitude Blog, especially since this is where the new me all started.

To be completely honest there has been so much to say, some gist, some amebo, some serious talk, some new hair tips, new products, new loc principles and locking methods... Plenty plenty talk. I really do hope to catch up on all of this in coming weeks, but today is going to be a little about the "Reality of An Entrepreneur". (I usually try to keep this about blog about locs, consider this a small deviation from the norm).

A few months ago, those wires in my head sparked, I decided to quit my day job and focus on whatever else, Locitude inclusive and it has been a very interesting story so far. I am usually driven by passion, life and just doing what I want to do; which would explain my career path so far from Architect to Editor to Customer Service Manager to Administrator to Amateur Photographer to Loc Stylist to growing a business.
Can we grow meaningful things out of our hands?

I realise that as an entrepreneur I have woken up everyday thinking how do we make money today? as opposed to how do we change the world today? I have found that both questions are important and none should be asked without the other. How do we change the world today is a question I need to ask my self more as that often leads to how we make money today without loosing the essence of self, life, living and passion.

How do we make money today?
The answer to my new favourite questions do not come easy, and yes the Nigerian factor is always a factor, landlord issues are not a myth, they are a reality; if they are not increasing your rent after you've paid they are trying to control your operating hours. The rise of the Dollar and fall of the naira is real. Managing people to replicate good customer service and business integrity without literally cutting their brains open and putting it in there is a skill for the gods.

Keep trying...

In all of this, life is still worth living and this blog still worth writing. Things may not always go as planned but I am happy to build something, I am happy to change the world one loc head at a time :). If you are on a similar path I trust you understand and if you planning on going down a similar path ,enjoy the journey; the reality just makes it all interesting. I found this interesting article while searching for pictures for this post. The quotes buttress the reality of an entrepreneur.

Have a wonderful rest of the week, year and whilst making money don't forget to live life and keep it loc'd with the best attitude there is out there.

Your Loc Head,