Tuesday, 28 March 2017

My Loc Care Regime!

Hello You,

I am motivated to write today as I had a blast dancing salsa last Friday night and was complimented to be the best female dancer on the dance floor. It's one of two things though, either every other female was a beginner or it was just fluke. I think it was fluke. The compliment excited me too much and one of the ways of channeling my excitement is to do this blog post. :D. Enough about me. Trust you are doing good and being the best at something out there.

So to the koko of the day. My Loc Care Regime is not surprisingly simple and straight to the point.

I use a sulphate based mix made by my mum to shampoo my hair 1 – 2 times a month. Unfortunately, mummy’s shampoo is not available for sale yet as we are continually working on perfecting her recipe. A lot of naturalista’s frown at sulphate based products but in the last 2 years I have come to realise that those are the only shampoos that can properly cleanse locs. As a result of what locs are and how they are formed, locs tend to hold on to all kinds of stuff. Sulphates just happen to be that ingredient that strips dirt, stale oils, dust and what not from your locs. It is often argued that sulphates dry out your hair and this is true, that is why I always always condition my locs after shampooing.

ORS replenishing conditioner.

One of the Locitude staff introduced me to this product about 9 months ago and I have not only grown to love it but use it religiously. It certainly replenishes the excesses of a sulphate shampoo. The ORS shampoo is a rinse out shampoo and has an instant effect on my hair.

Minty Burst and Conditioning Mix by Locitude.

Yep I use Minty Burst on my scalp and Conditioning Mix in my locs when damp and then I go ahead to re-twist my locs using the palm roll method. For more about Locitude Signature Oils click here.

Aloe Gel – Optional:
My hair texture is quite kinky and stays when I re-twist with just oils but I love the scent of one of our new soon to be commercialized products. It’s a mix of Aloe vera gel, critic acid as preservative and it is lightly perfumed. I only use this when I feel like pampering myself.

In between washes I oil my scalp with Minty Burst and spray the KUI Leave in conditioning mist in my locs.

Simply as A, B, C. This is my current regime as of date. I constantly experiment but with caution. I will be sure to let you know if I change anything.

In the meantime let me continue to bask in the glory of my latest salsa achievement. :). Till later fellows,

Your Loc Head

#Team Locitude.