Monday, 13 March 2017

The Power of Perception.

What do you see?
A young lady walked into the Locitude Studio last Saturday and asked if she could get a pedicure. I politely told her No, as we do not offer that service. She had a full head of natural hair on her head so I proceeded to ask her when she would like to loc (turn her hair into dreadlocks) her hair. The expression on her face was of disgust, her entire body headed towards the door, literally running away from my words. Just before she reached the door I mentioned to her that my hair is all mine and loc'd (dreadlocked). Her eyes lit up, and she started to realise that everyone else in the studio had loc'd hair. She was amused by the length, thickness and beauty of our hair then she started asking questions.
Cynthia spent about two hours with us learning about locs and considering them for herself. She hadn't even realised how much time had passed and that a pedicure was all she was looking to get, before she met us at Locitude. Before Cynthia left, she asked to follow us on social media and collected the number to my direct line. It was really amazing to see how her perspective changed right before our eyes.
Something she thought was disgusting 2 hours before became an interest she now follows and is considering for herself.
It may seem like I am the star in the story, but no, Cynthia is the ultimate star, her open-mind has drawn her into a new world of possibilities and changed her perception on something that is seemingly so insignificant albeit important.
I have a dream that one day, the world will be open-minded to see the good in all things; that we may be perceptive enough to see all sides of situations presented to us; that we may become tolerant of each other and truly love each other. At the end of the day we are all red on the inside.
Written as part of course work for Business Fundamentals: Effective Networking under The Open University on

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