Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Brazilian Hair Vs German Hair. In the spirit of the World Cup.

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In the spirit of the World cup, Brazilian hair Vs German hair?

We Nigerians love schadenfreude sha, watching the football massacre last night can be compared to watching Gladiators in the arena, it was extremely entertaining. Whilst history was being made yesterday on Brazilian soil as the German machines literally crucified the Brazilian Football National team; I wonder if all our proudly Nigerian Nna traders who took advantage of the world cup to travel far west to source for Human Brazil hair have changed their mind. Na German hair dey rain now. But wait is there anything such as German hair.

My internet research skills (a.k.a. the want to know/Amebo) are impeccable, so I’m happy to let all them weave sisters know what’s up. German hair exists, and it is of the most superior quality that man sorry Nigerian woman can hope for. The only problem is that google hasn't listed them for sale! When you google “German hair for sale” the top results are German Shepard’s. It appears the Germans are yet to understand the human hair industry.

As an alternative, google lists European Hair, so if you are interested in getting hair 7 goals, sorry 7 times better than Brazilian hair; you may find some strands amongst the batches of European hair.

Anyway sha no matter what Germany did to Brazil on the pitch, in the hair world Brazilian hair remains on top!!!

I couldn’t help myself but do a small piece on the beautiful game between Brazil and Germany. And in case you are wondering what schadenfreude means; it’s a German derived word for taking pleasure in someone else’s misfortune.

I'm also very happy to let you know that Locitude would will now be a frequent columnist on Zegist on general hair matters but not to worry Locitude Blogspot remains dedicated to we we. is an Online Lifestlye Magazine, proudly Nigerian.

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