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Recap of Loc Appreciation Day, Lagos 2014

Hey People,

I'm back and a bit recovered from the euphoria of Loc Appreciation Day, Lagos, 2014. A BIG "THANK YOU" to everyone who made it to the event. The rain that fell that Saturday the 28th of June almost required us to build Noah's Ark... Chai, but there was God :)

It was indeed a pleasure to have organised and I'm sincerely grateful for all the support I received from, Bassey Ikpi, Wana wana, The Obii, Belz Accessories, Black and Loud photography, Inyang Otu, Oghogho Kamah, Edwina (who came all the way from Cotonu), Aunty Angela, Aunty Pauline, Rama Shagaya, Nonny, Rulz, Damilola, Kazeem, Benjamin, Helen, my family, EVERYONE and of course the reason why I still have locs, my sweetheart, Akan Umoden.

Ok no more talk, just pictures from here on.

Ade of Locitude, Styling.

Pretty attendee.

Locitude at work
My acquired sister, friend and motivator, Dabs of Savvy & Chic (Official Sponsor of LADLagos)
and I.

Nonny and the Kowry team, setting up the stand

Wana Wana shopping at the Kinky Apothecary stand
Good old socialising, @naijadesires and Ms WanaWana, Cousin Taiwo and his friend photobombing

Belz Accessoriez Ladies
Red carpet moment @naijadesires with Deola of Battabox
Crossing borderd for Loc Appreciation Day, Edwina in the red carpet with Deola of Battabox 
Edwina, Ade and Ani (Locitude Mini Mag cover girl)
Deola of Battabox and Ani
Ani Simon-Hart
Locitude interview with Nigezie  
The Hilarious Berry Dakara of African Naturalistas 
The Obii
Shopping at the Vendor stands
Rama Shagaya of and Nanfa of
Nibi of Kinky Apothecary and Guest.
Shirley at the African Naturalista stand
Bassey Ikpi, host at LAD Lagos
Philip Akesson f (No he's not single)
Oh yes we had fun!!!
Ade Bantu of the Bantu crew sharing his loc journey

Nelly of Nigeria Info fm having her red carpet moment
Jatto at Work
Pipe Cleaner Tutorial with Inyang helping on the mic and Damilola - Locitude model
Anabel of helping with registration and distribution of Locitude Mag
We caught Bassey with a perfect smile
Aunty Angela, flaunting her locs, hair by Locitude

Very expressive audience, the panel discussion was a blast.
Whatever you do, don't touch Nelly's hair.
Toyin, We got a banker in the house :)
Big Aunty Pauline, underneath that scarf are some baby locs.

Loc Appreciation Day, 2014

Ruby, @DrFoxyCleo, Aunty Pauline and Philip 

The Obii, doing what she does with locs
Jatto at work, styling Femi

Jatto at work.
Jatto, telling us about how he became a loctician in 1986
Loc Talk
Ade and Ogy of Kamah Accessories
Akan Umoden, Me and Aunty Angela.
They are so many other faces who I saw at the event whose pictures I didn't get from the photographer, I love you all the same, thanks so much for coming, I now eagerly await a bigger and better Loc Appreciation Day, 2015.

Don't forget to check out how other cities celebrated LAD on facebook and on

Your Loc Head.


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