Monday, 14 July 2014

Why I Decided To Loc My Hair!

Hello Peeps,

So today I will be deploying my magical powers of time travel to reminisce on how I decided to change my hairstyle from being a relaxed natural to becoming a Dada head. If you are wondering what relaxed natural means then you should read "What's with the hair Religion?".

I had a dream where an old woman told me... Just kidding, my loc story is not queer. I liked locs as a hairstyle for no apparent reason and always wanted to have it. I also thought that once I got my hair loc'd I wouldn't need to worry about salons anymore. Anytime I saw someone with locs, I would walk up to them and ask questions; the "can I touch your hair question?" inclusive. I'll say my loc inspiration at the time was Barbie Adebo @kandicolouredbarbie on Instagram. I knew when she had started her locs, seen them grow and I just loved them.

I recall my first attempt to go loc'd was in 2006 just before my final B.Sc. project. I had worn two strand twist extensions for almost 8 weeks and needed to take them out badly; but didn't want to sit through the process so I had a fantastic idea to chop the twist of my head. I did, with the help of my good friend Kamah. Later went to a random barber on University road to have my hair evenly trimmed. I figured it was finally time to start my loc journey.

On getting to my department one day with my teeny weeny afro palm twisted, our then department secretary walked up to me and told me frankly to get my hair fixed if I wanted to graduate from the University. I was too chicken to contest the unspoken department law so I opted to texturize my hair. Carried baby curls for a few months and then I eventually went back to relaxers.

My loc journey didn't start till 2009, after I had graduated from the same department with a Masters, got a job, completed my NYSC and had no claws and stares to hold me back. November  2009, after I had  not retouched my hair for about 6 months, had un-comb-able growth and fixed the ugliest weave-on ever; I vexed and did another big chop then started this very interesting journey down loc lane.

So that's it, I obviously was never scared to put a scissors through my relaxed hair, i didn't particularly hate it, or hate relaxers or the "relaxed" look. I guess I was just tired and wanted something unique and different. I went for it, looked back many times but very grateful I still have my beautiful loc'd strands. At the moment, don't try bringing a scissors near my locs, somebody may die... lol.

Here's a selfie of what my hair's looking like today in my one week old pipe cleaner curls.

A few of the curls are beginning to do their own thing,
I'll try manipulating them into another hairdo tomorrow
You'll definitely see the results if I succeed.
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Next post, I'll be writing on Loc Salons in Lagos, Nigeria as requested by a couple of Locitude readers, watch out, 'cos it totally going to be worth it. :).

Na nite,
Your Loc Head