Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Hair How To: Adding Volume To Your Loc Bun.

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It's been a minute, here's a quick one in pictures to fulfill my silent (not anymore) commitment to have not less than 4 posts up a month... So I love my locs best when they are rough and not freshly twisted, however if not styled it gets a bit too rough and my bobo no go gree. Wearing my hair in a high bun is one my favorite ways to keep it together, but what is a bun without volume. Here's showing you how I've learnt to get a little extra volume.

You'll need.
1. 2 Hair bands, Large ones.
2. A bandana, or a small piece of cloth, or a clean sock.
3. Pins (may not be required).

Before we start, Here's the final look we are going for.
Hold your locs into a ponytail above your head.

Remember, your bands should be loose to avoid thinning locs.

Fold up your bandana.

Secure it firmly around the base of your ponytail.

With a small knot.
The bandana is what help's with the volume.
Let your locs down around the bandana so it's not visible.

Start wrapping your locs to form a donut.

Keep wraping...

... until you have a decent bun.

Secure with your second hair band

Make sure the band is firm.
You should end up with something like this.

Tuck loose ends in.

As neatly as possible.
And Voila, you are done...
If your locs are not as long you can use pins to hold loose ends down and for even better results you can wrap this with a scarf so all your edges are in place. To see a variation of this style, check out the Duo Bun how to.

Hope you enjoyed this... Keep it loc'd with an Attitude :).

More product reviews coming soon...

Till later,


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