Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Owanbe Alert!!! Savvy & Chic Garden Party!

Hey Peeps,

For those who don't know "O-wa-n-be" is a Yoruba phrase meaning:

1. It is (happening) there - Literal meaning 
2. Party
3. Serious party with plenty food
4. Big Party
5. Mega Party.

By now I'm sure you get it. There's a party YaaaAaYi!!!!!!!! Dabs, writer of blog naijahaircangrow.blogspot.com, salon owner the Savvy & Chic Hair Beauty Hub and Savvy and Chic Magazine Publisher is hosting a Garden Party (Owanbe). Not only have I been invited but I have a +1 for one of the Locitude Blog readers :).

Savvy & Chic Garden party promises to be relaxing, interactive and scrumptious; we would also be discussing what the role of bloggers are in today's society and above all we would have to wear prim and proper floral dresses and will feature in the next edition of the Savvy & Chic Magazine... Awesome!... I'm so looking forward to it, The latest Savvy & Chic magazine cover is so HOT!!! 

So who would this lucky person be? And how do we find the lucky person? I have been thinking too hard about how to make it free and fair, so I guess random is the way to go. If you are interested to attend the Garden party holding Sunday the 28th of September, 2014 in VI, Lagos please drop a comment while I'm looking for the random calculator thingy to download :). Each comment will be assigned a number and an electronic random calculator would pick the winner. The lucky winner will be announced 12noon on the 19th of September, 2014 here on the blog and Locitude Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages.

I have attended an event hosted by Dabs in the past - Salon Day Out/ Blogiversary. It was much fun so I have no doubt that this would be a blast.

I'm really glad to have been invited because most times we loc heads complain about being left out of the parry, now there's no excuse. There's Owanbe and are going to be representing!!!!!

Dabs though texlaxed (somewhere between natural and relaxed) was a big supporter of Loc Appreciation Day. Mehn, I am glad to be friends with her. You may get to meet her and some of your favourite other bloggers besides me :D.... all you have to do is comment. 

Now shopping for a nice floral dress because "I be Lady o" :).

Your Loc Head,