Sunday, 3 August 2014

Hair How To: The Duo Buns with inverted top bun

Happy Sunday beautiful people,

Excited to show you another loc-do how to. As usual, I posted the picture below on the Locitude Instagram page and I got a few comments suggesting I replicate it. I thought to myself challenge accepted!

The loc-do looks like two donut buns, which is supposedly simple but note that the top bun is inverted. So let's take care of the easy part first. I've always known how to do a donut, but just incase you don't know how, I found a video (below) that shows you how to get the perfect donut bun.

Now that we are done with the basics of how to get a donut bun let's do a step by step on how to get the full loc hairstyle:

1. Part your locs in two sections to form the two buns, sections should be similar to the picture above;
2. Do a donut bun on the rear section.
3. Set aside some locs on the perimeter of locs for the top bun.
4. Leaving the locs that have been set aside do another donut bun on the top of your head.
5. Tuck in locs that were set aside in the middle of the top bun to get the inverted bun. 
6. Voila!!! You are done.

Here are some pictures of my finished look.

Locitude version Duo Donut Loc Bun.

Near perfect rear bun.

Washed my locs last Thursday and didn't retwist.
Had to retwist locs on the perimeter of my head to make the hairdo pop.
I'm sure you can spot the untwisted locs somewhere in there.
The inverted bun ain't perfect,
but I'm sure to do justice on my second attempt on this do.
So what's my score?
Went outing last night; The Music Lounge, Rhapsody
and then some very early morning (3am) much needed grub.
Don't judge me, I'm really trying to watch my weight. 
So I hope you found this helpful. I see August being a very busy month for the Locitude., our official website where you'll have easy access to our look book, events, magazine, products and of the blog will be launching soon. I'm uber excited!!! :)

Do have a lovely rest of the weekend and please feel free to share your version of the duo bun if you try it out.

Till later, I'll be rocking my locks with an attitude.

Your Loc Head

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