Wednesday, 10 December 2014

7 Locitude Tips to Keep Locs Healthy During Harmattan.

Hello Folks,

It has been a minute, make that 6 weeks since I last published anything. I won't lie the last few weeks have been incredibly tough in my personal life and procrastination has been my comforter; unfortunately nothing gets done with procrastination. So today I'm breaking out of all my worries and doing one of the things that makes me happy.... As ridiculous as it sounds I really do like blogging about my hair. I would try to get to some of my personal life struggles at the end of this post, but first let me give you what you are really here for, another one of my seven's on what to do with your locs during the dry season.

Me, my locs were about a year +,
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1. Moisturise, as much as daily.

So I recently found that my ends (of my locs) have been weak, a couple fell out and a few more are threatening. No one likes to see their locs fall. I immediately start thinking of solutions then I realised I have abandoned my moisturise and seal lecture. I have added it back to my daily routine. I spritz my locs down with water, island oil and coconut oil. There's been much improvement this past three days since I restarted it.

Also note that you may want to put in a bit more products (Oils/moisturisers) after a wash, your previous routine quantities may not be enough to combat the dry season.

2. Heard of protective styling?

I'm not a big fan of adding foreign hair /materials to my locs i.e. weaves and braided attachments. So I define my own protective styles as putting my locs into two strand twists, braiding the locs themselves and styling them such that they are not individually easily manipulated.

Protective styles help your locs retain moisture. Think of it in the popular phrase "United we Stand , Divided we fall" The more united your locs are the stronger they are together, and when they are left loose this harmattan season they may fall faster.

3. Deep condition.

Truth be told your locs maybe loosing moisture faster than how much you spritz them down daily, you may need to treat them to some deep conditioning. Depending on how dry they are you can consider using the buttery products, such as Ori (Shea butter) and any thick conditioner out there. I prefer to stick to oils as that way I'm guaranteed not to have build up even if I do it in excess. (Considering a how to Deep Condition your locs post here).

4. Sleep in a Silk scarf/Bonnet.

This one is a bit difficult, even though it sounds easy. Sleeping in a silk scarf every single night requires discipline. If you can discipline yourself well enough you help your locs retain moisture especially during the dry season. Added advantage is that you keep lint out :).

5. You may want to keep your hands out of your locs.

Remember my loc ends that fell off in no. 1 of this post. I lost them to hand in hair syndrome as some of our natural sisters call it. So yes, it's quite a "sweet" feeling twisting your locs all the time but it's one of the Locitude Don'ts, so try not to do it especially during the Harmattan. The reason is simple, your hair will fall out faster if it is dry, the harmattan would likely make your hair dry, so hands in hair syndrome would help your hair fall out. Get it?

6. Avoid the Dust.

Harmattan is defined as A dry dusty wind that blows along the northwest coast of Africa. Dust is not your friend. You already know that with locs whatever gets in stays in, the last thing you want is dusty locs. I don't need to explain why, do I? So if you are out and about get yourself and nice piece of covering to help keep the dust out. Something like the great accessory I found at Max sometime ago would do or try the head wraps that are very trendy these days.

7. Rock them Locs with an Attitude.

No. 7 is a must. :D, rock your locs with pride and a chic attitude, never fails. Remember you'll be taking care of your locs as per tips above and your locs will be healthy, shiny and in wonderful protective styles for the harmattan. So Rock on Fellas...

Wow, this was so refreshing for me, I have almost forgotten about my worries :). Well, I think I've just been in that phrase of life where I have to make a lot of decisions as to the next chapter of who I am. I am also trying to do a lot of things at the same time and all of it can be overwhelming. So I'm learning to be grateful for what I have, who I am and how far I have gotten; as gratitude paves the way for the next big thing. So if anyone out there is having similar experiences just know to stay strong. If there's a will there's a way.

Till later fellas.

Your Loc Head,