Tuesday, 29 April 2014

7 Locitude Inspired Hair Styles!

Hey people,

It's been just over a month since I started this blog and so far it's been fun :). Was going through my Instagram page and saw that I have been quite creative with my hair this past couple of months so here's a post sharing....

Most of my loc hairstyles are twofers, so there's much you can do with the same concept. Just have fun with it.

Things to note though... My head is big and round, if you have similar features then you have come to the right place and here are some rules to particularly guide the big round loc heads.

1. Have a hump on your head, always makes your face look longer and less round, always works.
2. Put some bang into it, yep pushing some of your hair to front helps frame the face.
3. Avoid anything that looks too much like a full fringe, makes your cheeks look even rounder and head bigger.
4. Side parts work much better than middle parts.
5. All back buns and dos work well too.
6. Be adventurously creative
7. Love your locs.

Enough talk, let's get into it.
This hair style is inspired by a secondary school (Command, Ipaja) hair do, we had to put our hair into plaits, some the the front, the middle portion doing a small Mohawk and back plaited down. So here I put the front ina pinned up 2 strand twist, packed the sides up and let the back fall. If you google Evelyn King you'll feel the inspiration. :).

The bang rule was applied here.
One hundred percent youtube inspired, first saw it on chescalocs channel, was a fun 2 week hair do.
My first attempt failed 'cos the rubber bands used by the hairdresser was fake, woke up in a sea of bands, went back to get them threaded. Was scared I would loose some locs when the thread was taken out. I didn't. However I still find stray thread in my hair every now and then it's almost been 6 weeks.

Note that I had flat twists on both sides to avoid the no fringe look alike rule.
Remember what I said about twofers :),  description The Evelyn King description takes care of the front bit.
The back was done into a big donut. You need some length for this style. Learnt to do this when I still used to wear braids however, but i'm sure there's a youtube video for how to get this look.

The hump rule ;)

The trendiest loc style yet. Read my pipe cleaner post to know how I got this look.

The be adventurous rule :)
You'll need to see the pipe cleaner results rule for this one.
The all back rule.
Watched enough youtube videos to figure out that this is mostly called protective plaits, I think this is because the style likely to keep new re-twists in place and protected from unraveling. This best part is the style that comes afterwards.
Anyway, I took three strands each and plaited them together into a bun

The all back rule


Simply what happens when you take out your braids.... This unsmiling Chikita is born.
Another twofer; + the side part rule was followed.

So seven hairstyles in a about 8weeks literally after I recovered from a "I want to cut my hair" moment. Who says locs can't be stylish? I say you can be anything you want to be, right now I'm thinking Loc Diva.

Hope you enjoyed this and maybe will be starting a loc adventure of your own. Next post will be on this great multipurpose head band I found, my new favourite hair accessory.

Yours truly,
The Loc Diva. :).

Note: All styles besides the Loc petals / loops were DIY.