Sunday, 13 April 2014

Pipe Cleaner Curls. Results.

Hello there,

In my last post I had worn pipe cleaners in my locs after doing a DIY loc maintenance and re-twist. Here's an update on how I rocked the style in three variations before I plunged into the beach and lost them.

Variation 1 -Locs with pipe cleaners still in.
Note, the little black loops at the tips of my hair are the pipe cleaners.
Not too obvious, wore them in for a whole week. Tons of compliments :)
1 week after - Nice, chunky, bouncy and curly.
Took this picture almost immediately after taking out the pipe cleaners.
Variation 2 - Curls literally fell into the same place/direction they had been rolled.
Was a big bouncy hair day, made me a bit cautious, didn't want the curls to fall out of place.
Tons of compliments and "can I touch your hair?" "is it real?" "what kind of extension is this?".

My Medusa moment - after separating the strands.
The big cautious hair wasn't working for me, had to do something else with the curls, FAST.

 Variation 3 -  Packed it all up into a big beautiful bun up do.
My personal best moments with the hairstyle was here,
wasn't cautious of where the wind was blowing,
or how to place my head on the pillow at night. I loved it.

... and that's a moment. :)