Tuesday, 1 April 2014

DIY Loc Maintenance and Pipe Cleaners Curls

Yep, I survived my first all by myself loc maintenance. "Loc Maintenance" is just a fancy way of saying I shampooed, conditioned and re-twisted my locs. I have done the first two in the past by my self but not the later; re-twisting my whole big head of locs was an impossible concept till I met these youtubers, Jasmine Rose, Chescalocs, Qochemist, Bronze Goddess and the likes.

So, last weekend I attempted to not just re-twist my locs but also put pipe-cleaners in and here's how that went.

My scalp / hair before the Wash.

Obvious new growth to be groomed.
Step 1: Wash

Washed with Jamaican Mango & Lime Tingle Shampoo with can be found at Casabella, The Palms, Lekki Lagos. Soaked my hair in already diluted shampoo to help it lather and hopefully got some build up out, repeated this process 2 more times and rinsed all the shampoo off  my locs under a warm shower.

I just recently heard of some Nigerian made natural hair products, The Kinky Apothecary and African Naturalistas. They may be worth a try when I finish my current supply.
Hair Products used.
1. Jamaican Mango & Lime Tingle Shampoo -  Can be found at Casabella
2. Jamaican Mango & Lime Protein Conditioner - Can be found at Casabella
3. Ori - Shea Butter - Had one of the stylist at the hairdressers bought me a huge portion about a yr ago.
Step 2: Condition

Squeezed the excess water out of my locs, part my hair into about 4 sections and applied the Jamaican Mango and Lime Protein Conditioner to both my scalp and body of my locs. Let it sit in there for about 3 mins rinsed out with warm water.

Freshly washed and conditioned locs, you can notice my new growth has unraveled some more
and the strands are thicker than before the wash.
Step 3 & 4: Re- twisting roots and rolling with Pipe cleaners

I took individual strands of my locs,  with just a little bit (finger rub) of shea butter and twisted them clockwise (if you are right handed this should be the direction that you'll be inclined to twist by default) from the roots and finally ending the twist with a palm roll down the body of the strands.

For the final look I was trying to achieve, I then took two strands of locs and rolled them up with pipe cleaners.

Pipe cleaners bent into two in preparation for the rolls.
Took a break, thought I was half way through
but still had a couple of hours to go.
Finally finished my whole head #phew. Time to give the hair some direction.
...And Voila - The Locitude look of the week :)
A few tips.

- Left the pipe cleaners in. I intend to wear them in for a week, take them out and rock the curls by themselves. (Will update this post when I do.) - see Pipe Cleaner results

- Remember, if you take the pipe cleaners out before your hair is completely dry you loose the curls.

- Have an intended look when you start rolling then put the pipe cleaners in the direction you want your curls in a finished look that's way it is easier to style.

- This hair do is great for keeping the some length off your back, this Lagos sun these days, no be joke.

To be honest it wasn't that difficult, I had watched a handful of youtube videos that helped a lot even though it was me and my mirror for the most part.

Video's I found Useful.

1. Jasmie Rose's washing regimen 
2. Chescalocs re-twist & pipe cleaner loc tutorial

Note: Pipe cleaners are not readily available in Lagos, had to get them on Amazon through a cousin that had to ship to a colleague who happened to be in the UK. If you know any where pipe cleaners can be found in Nigeria please share. (I now have them for sale at N1,500 for a pack of 100 - Call 0818 900 1122 or email info@thelocitude.com.)

Hope you enjoyed this post, that's if you got to this point :). Let me know what you think, so far I've gotten more likes than dislikes at the office. :D. So people I'm just going to rock this Locitude look with an attitude.

Next post: When your loc tips start to go brown...

More notes.
- This article is based on my experience with my locs.
- Thanks to Akan for pushing me to do more with my hair when I had another "I have to cut my hair" moment a few weeks back.
- Thanks to Akan for helping to partition those strands at the back of my head that I couldn't see.

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