Thursday, 17 April 2014

Brown - ing locs?


Sometime around the time my hair clocked one and my locs started to mature they started to turn BROWN, at the tips especially :(, Not a good look. My hair isn't naturally black but dark brown enough to be considered black. So why did dark brown start to become light brown? This was puzzling as I was sure it wasn't dirt, I washed my hair regularly enough. It also didn't appear to be product. I also hadn't dyed my hair. So where did the BROWN come from?

After scouring the internet, the only logical conclusion I have come to as the source of Browning locs is the Sun. Yep! That's what I think it is amongst many other reasons.

Other reasons.
- Using products that contain peroxide.
- Using treated water to wash your locs.
- Using hot appliances on your locs- (I used to always go under a drier, so this may be a factor).
- Not eating a balanced diet.
- And of course intentionally dyeing your locs, hey :)

Ok, now that we have reasons for why locs turn brown, let's see what the "solutions" are.

First my solution was to dye some strands to an even lighter brown, you know, give my locs some attitude ;). So the strands that bleached by themselves look like they were done intentionally.

Spot my dyed locs.

Other possible solutions:

- Stop/aviod products that contain peroxide or other bleaching agents
- Stop/avoid using chemical-ised water to was your locs, if you have the ability to control this.
- Dry your hair naturally as best you can. Do not expose to long hours of heating
- Eat a balanced diet.
- Accept your new somewhat "naturally bleached" hair colour if you don't want to dye it.

Big question is what do we do about the Sun problem, you can try the option of wearing a protective scarf or hat if you have to be under the sun for long hours, however I will advice to always let your hair breathe.

- Be careful to know that you are Dyeing your hair the right way (Idea for an upcoming post). This is very important else your locs will fall, yes they will fall.

So that's it for now, your Loc Head,