Friday, 29 August 2014

Loc Bands and Pins Must Have & a Little More.

Good morning,

12:03am Friday 29th August qualifies for TGIF, whilst I can't sleep 'cos my mind is battling organisation of my life, upcoming photoshoot for the Locitude, October edition magazine, Loc workshop & Stylist competition, work and so on and so forth; what else can I do but thank God it's Friday!!! and keep up to some of my outstanding promises like posting this long procrastinated post :). Without too much more stories I'll get right into it.

Went shopping at palms a few weeks back so I decided to check out the hair accessory section at Max, besides the fact there's always something new and flashy, I needed to show my locs some love.
Small Hair Bands - N500.
Good thing about this is that about 20 of them came in a set, if you are thinking why so many? Well
these bands are bound to wear and tear. They rip after they've been stressed out of their limit so you want to have enough around you, especially when styling. But remember never to use too tightly.
Alice Band - N500
Locs tend to be be full with length even after you may experience some thinning in the cause of achieving length.
This band comes in handy, making it easier to get your locs into a ponytail without praying for your last small hair band not to rip. you can also use it as an "Alice band to hold your locs in place. I selected for this brown variation to add some attitude to my locs ;) 

Alice Bands - N500.
Same as above but a black - shining - silver variation.
Check out how I used the shining silver in the aftermath of the bridesmaid updo (last picture in the post)

French Pins - N500
Ok so I bought this hoping to add to my endless supply of missing pins and get some extra grip to my loc styles; but just as they look, you don't get that much of a firm grip. The pins are just useful for holding stray locs in place.
Hair Pins - N400
I haven't used them yet, I actually bought them for the colour, but I'm sure they wouldn't just add attitude to style but of course some grip
And keeping up to another promise, here's a few of pictures from my birthday dinner last week. It was kinda meant to be a surprise party but I kinda was one of the first people get there. Nigerian time wasn't on my side that day :), all the same it was fun, Chef June was hilarious and short. Ronke Coker wrapped it up with a very innocent banana joke, lol!!! Don't ask.

And there was Cake.
And there was cooking with Chef June

And there was catching the egg with my mouth,
of course it fell right to the floor.
(From left: Addy, Big Nanf, Akan and I)

And there was all of us... Only God knows that we were saying, definitely wasn't cheese.
(Standing from Left, Big Nanf, Seno, Akan, Me, Ronke Coker, Onyeka
Sitting from left, Muby and Solly P)
Writing this made me relive the moment. Thanks so so so so so so so much for making my day everyone, this includes my family especially the Admin dept. XOXO.

Thank God it's Friday!!!

Your Loc Head.