Thursday, 14 August 2014

Loc Workshop and Stylist Competition. 17.10.2014. Save the Date.

Na wa o! Where is August running to? I remember telling myself sometime in July that I wasn't going to actively start working on my October projects till August and all of a sudden it's already the middle of August. Dai iz God o!!!

On a more serious note, I'm thrilled to announce that Locitude would be hosting Nigeria's first ever Loc Workshop and Stylist Competition come 17th of October, 2014. Yaaaaaaaaaayi. I must have mentioned in a previous post that the idea for this event was born whilst distributing copies of the maiden edition of the Locitude Magazine in Lagos; then I came across a group of stylists that were amused about the pipe cleaner curls I was wearing at the time. Fortunately I still had the pipe cleaners in, so I had to give them a crash course on how to. Thanks to them, the Locitude will be sharing the little knowledge acquired from having locs for almost 5 years + endless hours of after work scouring the internet for information.

So this event is for everyone who wants to learn or who wants their stylist learn, it's also for all of us loc lovers to share and collectively understand what's best for our precious crowns.

Save the Date.... More information, vendors, partners, giveaways, prices and even much more coming soon.

More stuff to watch out for. 
1. - coming very very soon.
2. October, 2014  edition of the Locitude Mini Magazine.

Bye for now.

Your Loc Head,