Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Hello Everyone,

Pleased to inform you of the launch of TheLocitude.com today the 19th of August, 2014. *Now dancing a combination of Shoki and Azonto*... :)

In addition to the blog I thought it wise to get a website to enable easier navigation of content and communication between us Loc Heads. Before I begin to tell the story of how the website came to be, I must say a big thank you to everyone who is reading, has read, commented, encouraged, discouraged, liked and communicated with the Locitude on any platform. You all are my inspiration. :)

At TheLocitude.com you would be able to go straight into the look book for style ideas which we'll try to update at least once a month. You'll also have access to our products, right now there's the coconut oil (cooked by Aunt Angela) which is selling out like water and the pipe cleaners for those of us that like to keep it curly every now and then. In the month of September we would be stocking up with a variety of loc products so stay tuned.

TheLocitude.com also helps you keep abreast of all our events both past and future, easy access to the Locitude magazine and of course a link back here - the blog where it all started.

Special thanks to John Iseghohi for adding the "The" to The Locitude and my Akan Umoden for approving (I bounce everything I do off him). I was quite torn when I found out that Locitude.com was taken and was battling with Loc-itude.com, Locitude.com.ng, Locitude.ng, Locitude.net, Locitude.co and the likes. I think the TheLocitude.com sounds perfect.

Thanks again, please check out TheLocitude.com and show us some love on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

More on the Workshop & Competition coming soon and the Vintage inspired edition October 2014, can't wait.

Xoxo, Your Loc Head,