Sunday, 10 August 2014

Hair How To: Bridesmaid Updo

Hey peeps,

So excited... I'm back with another Loc how to. So it was my friend's wedding yesterday and I'm was honoured to be her maid of honour. It had been a while since I've been on a bridal train and I honestly forgot how much work it is; however I had fun doing all of it and was so so so so so so happy for the new Mrs. I know you are here for a loc how to; let me not bore you with 7 things you need to know before being a "Chief Bridesmaid".

After accepting Gloria's request, I started thinking of what to do with my locs I settled for the Chescalocs bridal hairdo, but my boyfriend suggested I try out the her two strand twist bun instead. See Chesca's how to video below)

My locs aren't half as long as Chesca's, so I had to improvise. After getting my locs into two strand twist all round as per video above, I realised there was no way I could form that gorgeous bun with my length so I resorted to doing a basket weave behind with my twist and molded it into a pinless up do.

And here's how it turned out... Had to take all the pictures myself, so get ready for my selfie parade.

Reflected Selfie :)
Really liked this view of the loc updo.
Another Reflected selfie.

Basket weave (didi) /top rear view.

That's what the sides were looking like.
Pleasantly fascinated by the fascinator 
As if  my day wasn't  hectic enough, I decided to go to Salsa,
so I switched out the fascinator for
this shiny band I got from max a while back.

Before I forget here's a video from Jungle Barbie on how I got the concept for the pinless up do, although she twisted up the back of her locs as opposed to the basket weave I had on.

Note, it is extremely difficult taking selfies with any type of camera that doesn't have a screen facing you and yes I took a lot of pictures without me in them before I could get these ones. #phew. All pictures were taken after I got back from the wedding, my make up was intact I guess that was what gingered me to go Salsa.

I forget the name of the make up artist now, but will update with her details and a link to her blog once I get them.

Next post would be on the new accessories I got from Max and the thermal cap that finally arrived. Did it meet my expectations? You'd have to stay tuned. + October 17, 2014 is a date you need to save, more details coming soon.

Have a wonderful week ahead and keep it loc'd with an attitude.

Your Loc Head.